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Deis v1, the CoreOS and Docker PaaS: Your PaaS. Your Rules.

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Statistics on deis

Number of watchers on Github 6077
Number of open issues 4
Average time to close an issue 9 days
Main language Python
Average time to merge a PR 4 days
Open pull requests 48+
Closed pull requests 26+
Last commit about 2 years ago
Repo Created about 6 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 21 MB
Organization / Authordeis
Latest Releasev1.13.4
Page Updated
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This repository (deis/deis) is no longer developed or maintained. The Deis v1 PaaS based on CoreOS Container Linux and Fleet has been replaced by Deis Workflow which is based on Kubernetes.

Deis v1 PaaS

Deis (pronounced DAY-iss) is an open source PaaS that makes it easy to deploy and manage applications on your own servers. Deis builds upon Docker and CoreOS to provide a lightweight PaaS with a Heroku-inspired workflow.

Build Status Current Release Latest Docs

New to Deis? Learn more about Deis Concepts, Architecture and how to Deploy an Application.

Installing Deis v1

Deis is a set of Docker containers that can be deployed anywhere including public cloud, private cloud, bare metal or your workstation. Decide where you'd like to deploy Deis, then follow the provider-specific documentation for provisioning.

Trying out Deis? Please follow the documentation on getting set up with Vagrant. Upgrading from a previous Deis release? See Upgrading Deis for additional information.


See the Troubleshooting Deis documentation for assistance with common issues.


Interested in contributing to Deis? Check out our Open Roadmap and Planning Process or jump right into hacking on Deis and testing your Deis cluster.


Copyright 2013, 2014 Engine Yard, Inc.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the License); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an AS IS BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

deis open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • almost 3 years Unable to Deploy on v2.8.0 ontop of Digitalocean K8 Cluster
  • almost 3 years (Custom) domain with no certificate still serves https
  • almost 3 years Unable to push app to builder (deis-workflow)
  • almost 3 years Publisher fails to parse HEALTHCHECK_INITIAL_DELAY if the value contains `\r`
  • about 3 years V1: Docker containers are unprotected from the internet (DigitalOcean)
  • about 3 years Update fsouza/go-dockerclient vendored package(s)
  • about 3 years compound issue: deis-database and deis-store-daemon
  • over 3 years Removing user may break app releases list and app itself
  • over 3 years Support ssh keys larger than 4096 on Workflow (v2)
  • over 3 years Feature request: support for deploying directly from a git remote
  • over 3 years Config in etcd not rolled back on healthcheck failure.
  • over 3 years Deis Terraform provider
  • over 3 years Deis with Loggly
  • over 3 years deis config:set SENTRY_DSN=""
  • almost 4 years Scaling an app down while a build is running leads to unpredictable results
  • almost 4 years Integrate letsencrypt into the app provisioning / installation process
  • almost 4 years feat(controller): add `deis certs:transfer` endpoint
  • almost 4 years proposal: atomic cert update
  • almost 4 years Add https log drain type
  • almost 4 years Proposal feat(k8s): docker-compose.yml syntax support via compose2kube
  • almost 4 years config:push with .env does not support multline
  • almost 4 years Issue removing ssl cert from application with spaces in common name
  • almost 4 years Protect pushes from wrong branch
  • almost 4 years Should document limitations WRT SNI
  • about 4 years Atomically switch over DNS for blue-green deployment
  • about 4 years Proposal: Teams
  • about 4 years Proposal: Fine Grained Permissions
  • about 4 years `deis apps:run` should receive stderr
  • about 4 years Restrict app creation to admins only
  • about 4 years Don't exclude .git on the slug
deis open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • chore(*): bump confd to v0.11.0
  • chore(models): move from django-json-field to jsonfield for Django 1.9 compatibility
  • feat(controller): add wildcard subdomain support
  • fix(controller): don't allow user to call deis config multipl times
  • ref(user-data): disable iptables in docker
  • [WIP] add support for Azure provisioning with Rigger
  • fix(client): parse logs as JSON string
  • proposal(contrib/openstack): terraform replacement for shell script
  • fix(vagrant): fix Vagrantfile to handle spaces
  • fix(client): simplify URL prefixing
  • fix(builder): demote handshake failure log to debug
  • docs(reference): remove sidenote about pushing only to master
  • docs(contrib): add link to deis-phppgadmin
  • fix(client): only delete local ~/.deis/client.json if cancelling logged in user
  • Minor doc updates for GCE
  • fix(builder): source proxy envvars
  • [WIP] chore(*): update base to alpine:3.3
  • fix(controller): tag keys can be lowercase or capital
  • docs(managing_deis): recommend m3.medium for RDS
  • chore(*): bump CoreOS to 899.13.0
  • fix(api): disable adding wildcard certificates
  • fix(auth): return a 409 if a user is cancelled that has apps
  • chore(buildpacks): update heroku-buildpack-ruby to v145
  • chore(buildpacks): update heroku-buildpack-java to v44
  • chore(buildpacks): update heroku-buildpack-php to v97
  • feat(contrib): monitor router events
  • chore(buildpacks): update heroku-buildpack-ruby to v146
  • chore(buildpacks): update heroku-buildpack-php to v102
  • chore(buildpacks): update heroku-buildpack-nodejs to v90
  • chore(tests): update test-etcd to v2.2.3
  • chore(buildpacks): update heroku-buildpack-go to v34
  • chore(buildpacks): update heroku-buildpack-go to v37
  • docs(upgrading): clarify AWS-specific instructions
  • chore(planning): updates for May planning
  • docs(index): integrate v2 header into index
  • chore(buildpacks): update heroku-buildpack-php to v107
  • feat(router): Server tokens and X-Frame-Options
  • feat(client): Sort listings
  • Use official docker/dind image
  • doc(workflow): add information about workflow
  • chore(*): bump CoreOS to 1068.8.0
  • feat(contrib): Add script to restart all apps.
  • chore(*): bump CoreOS to 1068.8.0
  • [WIP] feat(client): laziness option for config:push
  • chore(community): add latest community meeting
  • fix(models): prune old containers before deploy
  • chore(buildpacks): update several buildpacks
  • style(docs): clarify workflow vs paas
deis questions on Stackoverflow (View All Questions)
  • How to get the app port when launching an app in Deis?
  • Deis deployment doesn't work with codeship
  • Does Deis support CRON like scheduling and how?
  • Deis not creating a build when pushing application
  • PHP ObjectStorag on Deis
  • What's the difference between kubernetes, flynn/deis
  • Error when I try to create a new account with "deis register" command
  • Reverting DEIS in AWS
  • Execute docker command with deis
  • How to configure Node.js app for deis deployment
  • Deis is not running assets:precompile in production environment
  • Private repositories on Deis
  • Running Ejabberd Deis/Docker
  • Deis docker image deploy
  • How can I get more precise log sources from my Deis apps/containers?
  • can't install deis with 1 coreos node
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  • Ceph enters degraded state after Deis installation
  • Understanding Deis Clusters usage
  • Deploying an existing docker image with Deis
  • DEIS no public IP's
  • Deis Batch Jobs
  • custom Deis buildpack that is private
  • error retrieving template Job(deis-router@.service) from Registry in ec2 deis installation
  • deis-builder service have error when I provision Deis with Vagrant on CoreOS
  • deis images with dependencies of etcd have error executing bin/boot script: "waiting for etcd at :4001..."
  • DEIS on EC2, wildcard dns works, but app not visible
  • Manual install of Deis on CoreOS
  • How can I setup and deploy a database with Deis (PaaS)
  • How does deis scheduler work?
deis list of languages used
deis latest release notes
v1.13.4 Deis v1.13.4 LTS -- Final maintenance release

Note: support for Deis v1 LTS ends on February 13, 2017. Please see Deis Workflow for the next-generation PaaS.

v1.13.3 -> v1.13.4


  • c63ade6 Godeps,deisctl: serialize a unit test and fix a package import
  • 7fd534c models: prune old containers before deploy
  • 49b008c contrib/azure: update template to current API and images
  • d5d51cd client: do not add top level command to cmdArgs
  • 4ade016 perms: user-only settings file permissions
  • 2381530 database/ refer to stable pv package location


  • 68fb9b4 layout: Update notice with URL for published v2 docs


  • 9b83d00 buildpacks: update several buildpacks
  • b5a1c38 community: add latest community meeting
  • e5f349d community: september 2016 community meeting
  • 3ce03a4 router: upgrade nginx to 1.10.1 stable
  • 014ba61 buildpacks: update heroku-buildpack-go to v46
v1.13.3 Deis v1.13.3 LTS -- Bug fixes and updates

v1.13.2 -> v1.13.3


  • d369fd7 contrib: Add script to restart all apps.
  • ef80d81 client: Sort listings
  • 968c48c router: Add server_tokens option


  • d143b4b logspout: Ignore events with short ID


  • 6da7204 dockerfiles: Make Bash requirement explicit in the documentation


  • e30db13 buildpacks: update go, scala, and php buildpacks
  • fc1518a (all): update base to alpine:3.4
  • fd35c66 planning: add July and August, up next, September
  • 3ef983f (all): bump CoreOS to 1068.8.0
  • 167a44a buildpacks: update go, php, nodejs, python, and scala buildpacks
  • 8342efc roadmap: clarify Deis v1 roadmap status
v1.13.2 Deis v1.13.2 LTS -- Bug fixes and buildpack updates

v1.13.1 -> v1.13.2


  • 5888a46 deisctl: replace -c with --cpu-shares
  • bd827ce Makefile: remove old go vet install command


  • 62f1696 upgrading: clarify AWS-specific instructions


  • b795d8d planning: update for june/july community meetings
  • 6ca0414 buildpacks: update heroku-buildpack-scala to v70
  • 1d89269 buildpacks: update heroku-buildpack-php to v105
  • 750e5e9 buildpacks: update heroku-buildpack-go to v41
  • db9542a Revert (all): bump CoreOS to 1010.5.0
  • c89e903 (all): bump CoreOS to 1010.5.0
  • 885d7ef buildpacks: update heroku-buildpack-python to v80
  • 955dcea planning: updates for May planning
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