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  • over 3 years plugin doesn't load with 'on_ft' option
  • over 3 years [FEATURE REQUEST] Gist's viml script couldn't install
  • over 3 years recache_runtimepath not called for changes to VIMRC other than ~/.vimrc
  • almost 4 years Error detected while processing fuction ... install#_rm

dein.vim closed issues

  • over 3 years Support for git protocol
  • over 3 years install error: "fatal: could not create leading directories of '"***"': Invalid argument"
  • over 3 years Compared to vim-plug?
  • over 3 years lots of errors on startup
  • over 3 years Non-committed changes in plugin directory repos don't have effect
  • over 3 years Why not loaded neoclojure.vim? (Specific plugin problem?)
  • over 3 years dein#update not support fish shell
  • over 3 years 'hook_add' function get called twice on lazy plugins
  • over 3 years airline plugin doesn't load in vim 8.0
  • over 3 years Benchmark vs vim-plug
  • over 3 years Any plan to support original vim 8.0?
  • over 3 years Error revision number: fatal: Not a git repository
  • over 3 years Suddenly "cannot find color scheme"
  • over 3 years ~/.vim is not the first in runtimepath
  • over 3 years Why loaded vital.vim?
  • over 3 years Can't install deoplete - error cloning repo
  • over 3 years Install script accepts relative paths, but generates a bad .vimrc
  • over 3 years Plugins are not loaded after upgrading to latest macvim
  • over 3 years Notification message is empty
  • over 3 years dein#set_hook() not working
  • over 3 years Installing git submodules
  • over 3 years the completion for command been echoed, instead of show in statusline
  • over 3 years neobundle#append() equivalent
  • over 3 years can not detect rust file type.
  • over 3 years dein#add from other host with ssh
  • over 3 years Dein can not detect the default branch of a repo.
  • almost 4 years "E714" occurs when the configuration file name is "_vimrc" .
  • almost 4 years Would love to have some submodule awareness
  • almost 4 years Improve unite log viewer
  • almost 4 years vimfiler functions are not recognised
  • almost 4 years `ftplugin/python.vim` sourced after a dein-managed plugin, even if lazy loaded
  • almost 4 years `<silent>` feature does not work in on_map
  • almost 4 years dein.vim breaks when loading a local plugin that is under git control
  • almost 4 years Inconsistencies between dein#check_update() and dein#update()
  • almost 4 years Dein mappings are defined when plugin is disabled
  • almost 4 years Weird behavior of delimitmate when loaded with on_map: [['i', '(']]
  • almost 4 years Plugin loaded because of on_if condition, but on_event has not occurred
  • almost 4 years load_state() completely overwrites runtimepath
  • almost 4 years Lazy loading error, case of use as parameter
  • almost 4 years airline lost color after dein check install plugin when neovim startup
  • almost 4 years Plugins configured with on_event: 'InsertEnter' are loaded immediatly
  • almost 4 years FAQ error? check_clean and delete map
  • almost 4 years ci, does not work when loading vim-textobj-parameter
  • almost 4 years docs: wrong example to remove disabled plugins
  • almost 4 years Error when lazy loading Ultisnips
  • almost 4 years Error with latest neovim and dein.vim
  • almost 4 years Lazy load by hotkeys doesn't execute the associated action the first time (when loading)
  • almost 4 years Plugin installation at start-up breaks a local plugin.