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Management UI for Spinnaker

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= Spinnaker UI

image::https://api.travis-ci.org/spinnaker/deck.svg?branch=master[Build Status, link=https://travis-ci.org/spinnaker/deck]

== Prerequisites

Make sure that node and npm are installed on your system (http://nodejs.org/download/[download]). The minimum versions for each are listed in package.json.

== Quick Start

Run the following commands (in the deck directory) to get all dependencies installed in deck and to start the server:

  • npm install
  • npm start

The app will start up on localhost:9000.

== Environment variables

Environment variables can be used to configure application behavior. The following lists those variables and their possible values:

  • AUTH enable/disable authentication (default is disabled, enable by setting AUTH=enabled).
  • TIMEZONE set the default timezone (default is 'America/Los_Angeles' - see http://momentjs.com/timezone/docs/#/data-utilities/ for options)

The following external resources can be specified with environment variables:

  • API_HOST overrides the default Spinnaker API host.
  • AUTH_ENABLED determines whether Deck will attempt to authenticate users via Gate.

For example, API_HOST=http://spinnaker.prod.netflix.net npm start will run Deck with http://spinnaker.prod.netflix.net as the API host.

== Testing

To run the tests within the application, run npm test.


Developing things locally? You will want to run https://github.com/spinnaker/gate[gate] locally (which runs on port 8084) as well. It's the gateway to clouddriver. Then run deck like this:

API_HOST=http://localhost:8084 npm start


== Building & Deploying

To build the application, run npm run build. The built application lives in build/.

== Conventions

It's a work in progress, but please try to follow the https://github.com/spinnaker/deck/wiki/Conventions[conventions here].

== Customizing the UI

It's certainly doable - we're in the middle of some significant changes to our build process, which should make it easier. For now, you can look at the https://github.com/spinnaker/deck/tree/master/app/scripts/modules/netflix[netflix module] to get an idea how we are customizing Deck internally. Expect a lot of this to change, though, as we figure out better, cleaner hooks and integration points. And we're happy to provide new integration points (or accept pull requests) following those existing conventions if you need an integration point that doesn't already exist.

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