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Parameterized ergonomic keyboard

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The Dactyl Keyboard

The Dactyl is a parameterized, split-hand, concave, columnar, ergonomic keyboard.

There's a talk about the motivation and design of the Dactyl that helps provide context for this repo:



Generating a Design

Setting up the Clojure environment

Generating the design

  • Run lein repl
  • Load the file (load-file "src/dactyl_keyboard/dactyl.clj")
  • This will regenerate the things/*.scad files
  • Use OpenSCAD to open a .scad file.
  • Make changes to design, repeat load-file, OpenSCAD will watch for changes and rerender.
  • When done, use OpenSCAD to export STL files



Pregenerated STL files are available in the things/ directory.


Masks for the flexible PCBs I used are available for the left and right side.

A very rough guide for the brave is here - It will be improved over time (TODO)!


Copyright 2015 Matthew Adereth

The source code for generating the models (everything excluding the things/ and resources/ directories is distributed under the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3. The generated models and PCB designs are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License Version 4.0.

dactyl-keyboard open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 3 years FDM friendly model
  • over 3 years Configuring the angle
  • about 4 years STL's in "things" and STL's on shapeways? same version
  • about 4 years Measures of STL files in /things/
  • about 4 years keycaps - where? what keycap profile?
  • about 4 years Kinesis Circuit Boards
  • over 4 years Right hand PCB design missing column connection to teensy
  • over 4 years Getting one?
  • over 4 years Teensy firmware
  • over 4 years Issue with stl in the /things/
  • over 4 years F-keys
  • over 4 years Pointing stick
  • over 4 years Add ALPS compatibility
  • over 4 years Document PCB manufacturing and wiring
  • over 4 years TRRS sucks
  • over 4 years Better shaped USB hole
  • over 4 years Outermost keys on top row touch
  • almost 5 years how do you use this code?
  • almost 5 years Do you have a website / kickstarter etc for this?
dactyl-keyboard open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Return the MCP columns to GPA0-5
  • More QMK Guide
  • PCB Eagle Files
  • Phat Dactyl & Ergo Dactyl
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