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A Cycle.js Driver for interacting with React Native

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Number of open issues 7
Average time to close an issue about 12 hours
Main language JavaScript
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Closed pull requests 2+
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Cycle React Native Driver



npm install @cycle/react-native@1.0.0-experimental.15

This driver was built as an experiment by @staltz, and improved at the CycleConf 2016 hackathon by @ohanhi, @justinwoo, @chadrien, @sectore, @ozzee and @jevakallio. It contains a collection of ideas and hacks to test feasibility of the Cycle.js architecture on React Native.


  • Custom Touchable* components for event delegation to support lazily created elements (e.g. navigation scenes, ListView rows)
  • Custom Animated component to run animations declaratively
  • Custom ListView component to manage infinite scrolling with ListView.DataSource
  • Navigation support with NavigationExperimental

See jevakallio/cycle-react-native-example for example of use.

Running on iOS

Start by installing React Native prerequisites (XCode, react-native-cli, watchman).


git clone && cd cycle-react-native
npm install
react-native run-ios

Running on Android

Good luck!


let {Rx, run} = require('@cycle/core');
let React = require('react-native');
let {makeReactNativeDriver} = require('@cycle/react-native');
let {StyleSheet, Text, View, Image, StatusBarIOS} = React;

function main({RN}) {
  return {
      .map(ev => +1)
      .scan((x,y) => x+y)
      .map(i =>
          <Text style={styles.button} selector="button">Increment</Text>
          <Text>You have clicked the button {i} times.</Text>

run(main, {
  RN: makeReactNativeDriver('MyMobileApp'),
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  • almost 4 years How do I Make the example work
  • almost 4 years CycleListView
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