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A simple C string lib

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C string string cstring string

  • 32 string interning string symbol O(1)
  • 128 stack
  • string interning
  • 64K
  • hash hashmap


cstring_buffer CSTRING_BUFFER(var) var cstring_buffer

cstring_buffer CSTRING_CLOSE(var)

cstring_buffer api

cstring cstring_cat(cstring_buffer sb, const char * str);
cstring cstring_printf(cstring_buffer sb, const char * format, ...);


cstring cstring_buffer CSTRING(var) var cstring_buffer cstring

cstring_buffer cstring cstring_buffer CSTRING

cstring cstring cstring API :

cstring cstring_grab(cstring s);
void cstring_release(cstring s);

cstring const char * s->cstr

cstring hash const char * API :

int cstring_equal(cstring a, cstring b);
uint32_t cstring_hash(cstring s);


CSTRING_LITERAL(var, literal) cstring literal "

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