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CSS Working Group Editor Drafts

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Statistics on csswg-drafts

Number of watchers on Github 864
Number of open issues 1014
Average time to close an issue 12 days
Main language HTML
Average time to merge a PR 5 days
Open pull requests 66+
Closed pull requests 29+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created over 6 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 479 MB
Homepage https://drafts.cs...
Organization / Authorw3c
Page Updated
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CSS Working Group Specifications

This is the official CSSWG repository for editor's drafts of CSS specifications.

See the contributor guidelines for how to contribute.

Specification issues are discussed as issues in this repository. General CSSWG discussion can be found on the public www-style mailing list.

To read the specifications in this repository, see them at the index of all specifications.

This repository is a two-way mirror of, and contributing using Mercurial is also possible.

Also see the related repositories:

csswg-drafts open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • almost 3 years [css-text] cursive shaping breaks and typographic characters
  • almost 3 years [css-text] cursive shaping breaks needs better scoping
  • almost 3 years [cssom] Different behavior on MediaList.appendMedium
  • almost 3 years [cssom] MediaList.deleteMedium should raise an exception if corresponding medium is not found
  • almost 3 years Consider reverting β€œallow child-index pseudos to select unparented elements” change
  • almost 3 years [css-flexbox][css-sizing] How is flex-basis content size affected by transferred size?
  • almost 3 years [css-logical-props][css-writing-modes] Specify relation of text-orientation with abstract-to-physical mapping
  • almost 3 years [mediaqueries-4] Interaction Media Features make a rigid primary/"rare" distinction
  • almost 3 years [css-inline] should specify that line with initial letter is shortened relative to all floats initial letter can interact with
  • almost 3 years [css-inline] spec should define behavior when 'initial-letter' and 'float' both set on same element/pseudo-element
  • almost 3 years [css-values] Switch [..]! to ?? combinator
  • almost 3 years [css-syntax] The url special case in ident-like token parsing could be clearer
  • almost 3 years [css-syntax] Missing space in ident-like token parsing
  • almost 3 years [css3-animations] [css-transitions] animation-delay animatable?
  • almost 3 years [css-align] editorial: typo in Β§6.2.2. Absolutely-Positioned Boxes
  • almost 3 years [cssom-view] "evaluate media queries and report changes" doesn't specify that MediaQueryListEvent should be used
  • almost 3 years [css-display] Introduction
  • almost 3 years [css-transitions] Firing an animation whose start value matches the end of a transition does not clear the transition
  • almost 3 years [css-selectors-4] New selector request [:ifchecked(input-id)]
  • almost 3 years [css-fonts-4] definition for src descriptor and local(), data()
  • almost 3 years Scroll anchoring opt out / exclusion API (overflow-anchor)
  • almost 3 years [css-shapes] Calculation of corner radii by margin-box and border-radius
  • almost 3 years [css-lists][css-display] The two specs may disagree on whether element with "display: contents" should create counter scope
  • almost 3 years [css-text-4] prioritized hyphenation may be incompatible with hyphenate-limit-zone
  • almost 3 years [css-text-4] Allow for paragraph-level line breaking
  • almost 3 years [css-flexbox] Clarify automatic min size's definition if both specified size and aspect ratio are not present
  • almost 3 years [cssom] "Let list be a list of CSS component values belo..."
  • almost 3 years [css-tables] Investigate fragmentation with writing modes
  • almost 3 years [selectors-4] broken link
  • almost 3 years [cssom] Can't tell if a StyleSheet has loaded
csswg-drafts open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Adding a description to address the case of a Grooved black border
  • Counter reset on ol too broad in scope
  • break spaces
  • Take column gaps into account for multicol intrinsic sizing
  • [css-text-3] Bikeshed improvements related to property values
  • NL workshop errata and wording changes
  • [css-flexbox] Correct typo in `flex` shorthand initial value
  • [css-flexbox] Fix comment about default `flex` values
  • [css-transforms] Replaced <length> | <percentage> by <length-percentage>
  • [css-images] Replaced <length> | <percentage> by <length-percentage> and <angle> | <percentage> by <angle-percentage>
  • [css-grid] Replaced <length> | <percentage> by <length-percentage>
  • [cssom-view] Fix #159 update offsetParent spec for Shadow DOM
  • [cssom][css-conditional][css-images] Switch `CSS` to use IDL namespace
  • [selectors] Update a link of ID selectors
  • [cssom] Handle custom properties separately.
  • [css-values] Add the ''lh'' and ''rlh'' units
  • [css-containment] Reuse existing terminology
  • [css-align] fix typo: s/baseline/last-baseline/
  • [css-position] Fix some minor typos and grammatical issues
  • [css-transforms-2] Transform properties create containing block
  • Add 'prefers-reduced-motion' media feature
  • Remove double commas.
  • [css-color] Add note for relationship between color property and color glyphs
  • [css-color] Changes to CSS color spec
  • [css-fonts-4] Remove redundant boilerplate styles and scripts
  • [mediaqueries-4] expand/change emphasis of advice for use of pointer/hover/any-pointer/any-hover
  • Add :focusring selector
  • [css-transforms-2] Transform properties apply to transformable elements
  • [css-flexbox] Clarify implied minimum size definition
  • Remove text-orientation references from css-logical-props
  • [mediaqueries-4] Change when any-* evaluate to 'none'
  • [cssom] Specify serialization of CSSMediaRule and CSSFontFaceRule
  • [css-display] Missing 'flex' in section title
  • [css-writing-modes-3] create non-normative subsection
  • [css-transforms] Editorial fixes
  • [css-logical] Editorial fixes
  • [css-display] Run-in can be inserted in IFC root. #1228
  • [css-fonts] Move CSSFontFaceRule attributes to Level 4
  • make abstract self-contained
  • [cssom][css-conditional] Merge IDL definitions for CSSMediaRule
  • [css-round-display] Remove polar positioning in Introduction
  • [css-pseudo] only propagate ::first-line to ancestors in BFC
  • Adding 'cap' unit to the section heading
  • SVG images for alignment spec - positional alignment
  • [css-values] cap unit and copyedit
  • Optimize images in the css22 folder
  • [css-tables-3] Editorial fixes
  • [css-transform] Define "containing block for all descendants"
  • [css-display] Remove references to <applet>.
  • Use Web IDL's new-ish interface mixins concept
  • Added note for :link and :visited pseudo classes
  • Rewrite :visited rules to match reality, based on dbaron's spec.
  • [css-syntax] Trim whitespace from the beginning/ending of a declarati…
  • [css-round-display] Add safe area properties/constants
  • [css-variables] Add User Agent properties and constant()
  • [cssom-view] Add notIfViewed to ScrollIntoViewOptions; add FocusScrollOptions
  • [css-multicol] Revert part of a change about formatting contexts
  • [mediaqueries-5] remove level from shortname metadata
  • [cssom-view] Clarify definition of scrolling box
  • [css-fonts-4] Remove duplicate entry
  • #2319 Add pull request template, w3c cepc, and shift some text around
  • [css-text-4] Update several links
  • Scroll effect
  • [mediaqueries-4] Move 'pointer'/'hover' note, reword "can potentially" to "should strongly consider"
  • split partmap= out of part=
  • rephrase to make it clear which shadow root
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