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  • almost 3 years missing dependencies / environment compatibilities
  • about 3 years pls help run on windows 10 machine with anaconda python 2.7
  • over 3 years is stochastic
  • over 3 years Multistate conditional sampling is inaccurate
  • over 3 years Crosscat should use 256-bit seeds
  • over 3 years Crosscat hyperprior grid on variance parameter is broader than it needs to be
  • over 3 years continuous component model can't handle constant column
  • over 3 years Hadoop state non-functional
  • over 3 years Python 3 compatibility
  • over 3 years Allow multistate queries in sample_utils to utilize multiprocessing
  • almost 4 years Speed up inference (and ensure ergodicity) in the presence of ENSURE DEPENDENT
  • almost 4 years Get a jenkins job testing crosscat with python3
  • almost 4 years Revising algorithm for computing joint pdf
  • almost 4 years Distribute binary builds
  • almost 4 years our PRNG sucks
  • almost 4 years crosscat does stupidly many deep copies
  • almost 4 years suspicious implementation of sampling from categorical for cluster assignments
  • almost 4 years Issues with impute_confidence.
  • almost 4 years numpy and cython should not be required to be installed before runs
  • almost 4 years Building for Anaconda on OS X requires extra linker flags
  • almost 4 years BOOST_ROOT not being picked up when doing pip build
  • almost 4 years vonmises test in fails
  • about 4 years associate random seed with each model
  • over 2 years rename pypi package: CrossCat -> crosscat

crosscat closed issues

  • about 3 years dha_example_multiprocessing
  • over 3 years Crosscat build fails in anaconda environment: "cpp_code/src/weakprng.cpp:314:38: error: β€˜UINT64_C’ was not declared in this scope~
  • over 3 years "pip install crosscat" fails
  • over 3 years Error in running the example (crosscat.settings module)
  • almost 4 years Evaluate joint density
  • almost 4 years crosscat misappropriates entropy from numpy
  • almost 4 years Evaluating predictive probability for unobserved row throws assertion error with constraints
  • about 4 years simple_predictive_probability_multistate averages log probabilities in direct space
  • about 4 years Tests segfault
  • about 4 years simple_predictive_probability should evaluate density for joint distribution
  • about 4 years crosscat needs
  • about 4 years simple_predictive_sample_unobserved draws randomly even for constrained columns
  • over 4 years allow columns to be forced dependent/independent
  • over 4 years Build success with Mac OS X
  • over 4 years Readme Commands Don't Work w/ Ubunutu Server 14.04.2 Server 64bit
  • over 4 years Command line option for virtualenv is --system-site-packages, not --site-system-packages
  • over 4 years unused calls to .empty()
  • over 4 years Unable to install CrossCat using pip
  • almost 5 years assertion fail in numerics.cpp