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  • about 3 years Call some external service
  • about 3 years Buttons?
  • about 3 years Add credentials to travis so that we can run the tests
  • about 3 years Increment version_date

conversation-simple closed issues

  • about 3 years Error: spawn node-gyp ENOENT
  • about 3 years Master branch is not working on deploying it to bluemix
  • about 3 years Binding the "conversation-simple" app to CloudantDB causes app to crash
  • about 3 years Watson Conversation apps are not understanding specific words even after watson suggesting that
  • about 3 years Confidence
  • about 3 years New Image is not showing
  • about 3 years Locally conversation-simple
  • over 3 years Simple conversation deployed but "Watson does not understand"