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consensus open issues (View Closed Issues)
  • almost 2 years Release 0.0.2
  • almost 2 years Release 0.0.1
  • almost 3 years A swarm needs networking standards
  • almost 3 years A swarm needs a C&C mechanism
  • almost 3 years A swarm needs a routing protocol

consensus closed issues

  • over 2 years Improve Geometry test suite
  • over 2 years Ensure benchmarks can be compiled on ARM
  • over 2 years Define a release condition
  • over 2 years Create a benchmarking suite for Geometry
  • over 2 years Implement a Float module
  • over 2 years Add test cases for Lua runtime
  • over 2 years Fix something amiss with Lua integration
  • over 2 years Switch from Alcotest to OUnit?
  • over 2 years Decide on matrix representation
  • over 2 years Fix build hiccup on Raspbian
  • over 2 years Fix build failing on first OPAM command