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Composer plugin for cleaning up unused files from packages.

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Composer Cleanup Plugin

Remove tests & documentation from the vendor dir. Based on laravel-vendor-cleanup but implemented as a Composer Plugin instead of a Laravel command.

Usually disk size shouldn't be a problem, but when you have to use FTP to deploy or have very limited disk space, you can use this package to cut down the vendor directory by deleting files that aren't used in production (tests/docs etc).

Note: This package is still experimental, usage in production is not recommended. In normal circumstances, you shouldn't care about disk space! Try deploying with SSH/Git instead.


Require this package in your composer.json:

  "barryvdh/composer-cleanup-plugin": "0.1.x@dev"

Adding rules

Please submit a PR to src/CleanupRules.php to add more rules for packages. Make sure you test them first, sometimes tests dirs are classmapped and will error when deleted.

composer-cleanup-plugin open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • almost 5 years How to activate this plugin?
  • almost 5 years Add a catch all rule which will use a default rule
  • about 5 years Doc/Test files in subdirectories
composer-cleanup-plugin open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Added laravel 5.1 rules + Reorder
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