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  • over 2 years How can I assign accessibility labels for the CKLabelComponent?
  • over 2 years Question - Insetting a CKTextComponent text
  • over 2 years Potential race condition in function registerAnnounceableEventsForController of CKComponentScopeRoot ?
  • over 2 years CKCompositeComponent returns nil with non-empty view configuration
  • over 2 years [Question] Creating Scrollable Component
  • over 2 years Gesture recognizers can fire on unmounted views
  • over 2 years Unmount doesn't call attribute unapplicator
  • almost 3 years Investigate easier ways to generate new stateful components during layout
  • almost 3 years Investigate improving (or removing) support for memoization
  • almost 3 years Investigate improvements to better handle device rotation
  • almost 3 years Improve component appearance and disappearance events
  • almost 3 years Remove CKComponentDataSource
  • about 3 years CKComponentAction doesn't follow nested hosting views
  • about 3 years Improve Component Controllers
  • about 3 years CKRecursiveComponentReflow doesn't work with Transactional Data Source
  • over 3 years CKStatefulViewComponentController leaks context object
  • over 3 years UICollectionView orientation change - the behavior of the UICollectionViewFlowLayout is not defined
  • over 3 years When children vector is empty, don't allocate a vector
  • over 3 years Equivalent remount issue reappearing with CKCollectionViewTransactionalDataSource
  • over 3 years Question - How to handle UICollectionView with items of different size
  • over 3 years Not clear how to account for state of sub-components in memoization
  • almost 4 years Replace CKIntegerArrayHash length parameter
  • almost 4 years Add tracking of hit rate for Component and layout memoization
  • almost 4 years std::hash not defined on CKComponentSize, CKComponentViewConfiguration
  • almost 4 years Hard to modify input view parameters before passing to newWithView:
  • almost 4 years What about a Flux demo
  • almost 4 years Allow reversing layout ltr / rtl direction in CKStackLayoutComponent
  • almost 4 years Question - How to animate device orientation changes
  • about 4 years Support justify-content: space-between and space-around

componentkit closed issues

  • over 2 years animationsFromPreviousComponent is not called after update state
  • over 2 years ImageDownloader places images in other cells
  • over 2 years Using ComponentKit for the Whole Page
  • over 2 years CKComponentScopeHandle can create CKComponentController if nil _acquiredComponent
  • over 2 years Run Examples>WildeGuess fail
  • over 2 years Running `carthage bootstrap` fails
  • over 2 years Stack layout may violate child layout constraints
  • over 2 years "too many update animations on one view - limit is 31 in flight at a time crash" problem
  • over 2 years Carthage : Dependency has no shared schemes
  • over 2 years White flashing in Multi-Photo Detail ScrollView