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  • over 3 years Cljs source files requiring component break refresh for clj code

component closed issues

  • over 2 years init.el helper fns
  • over 2 years start/stop don't call a component's start/stop when there is no dependencies in the system map...
  • over 2 years Add an option to log components/keys as they are started
  • almost 3 years Startup with asynchronous components?
  • about 3 years still dependent on IoC container?
  • about 3 years Question: Whether it should be okay to pass system record directly to a special component
  • over 3 years System fails to start with clojure 1.8.0-RC4
  • over 3 years When call to get-dependency fails, the reported component is always ::not-found [0.3.0]
  • almost 4 years constructor documentation question
  • almost 4 years Wiki Suggestion: How would I then use a component function?
  • almost 4 years Sub-systems and dependencies metadata issue
  • almost 4 years System does not start from uberjar with clojure-1.7.0
  • almost 4 years Allow Sequential collections to be used in component/using
  • almost 4 years Type changes checks to prevent dissoc accidents?
  • almost 4 years wondering the reasons to choose defrecord vs reify in stuartsierra/component
  • almost 4 years Stop called twice on composed system
  • about 4 years Exceptions in component start function does not expose the original exception
  • over 4 years component self reflection
  • over 4 years Move ::dependencies meta at the system level
  • over 4 years Split update-system into build-system and try-action-system
  • over 4 years Cursor support?
  • over 4 years Components returning nil
  • over 4 years Init within start, entry point & env/context
  • over 4 years Error or Warn when dependencies are null
  • almost 5 years Log component lifecycle
  • almost 5 years Addition of started? and stopped? functions
  • almost 5 years dissoc injected dependencies at shutdown
  • about 5 years with-lifecycled?
  • about 5 years with-components macro for testing
  • about 5 years evaling (refresh :after 'user/go) in user ns at repl does not reload user, and runs old/unchanged code.
  • over 5 years Clojurescript support
  • over 5 years How to access components in production?