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  • over 2 years Use `defcustom` for both `company-tern-property-marker` and `company-tern-meta-as-single-line`
  • over 2 years Document `company-tern-property-marker` better
  • over 2 years Should company-term autocomplete with only function name or snippet-like arguments too?
  • over 3 years `company-tern` error when sorting completions from `tern`

company-tern closed issues

  • about 2 years Stable release doesn't work
  • over 2 years Make company-tern support company-quickhelp?
  • almost 3 years Incomplete completion
  • about 3 years company-tern Request Failed: ((wrong-type-argument processp nil))
  • over 4 years False positives after certain buffer modifications
  • over 4 years Local variables (and keywords) have "own property" marker in annotations
  • over 4 years Keywords have the same annotations as local vars with unknown types
  • over 4 years popup annotation style
  • over 4 years Maybe move function signature hints to docs?
  • over 4 years Type annotation display
  • over 4 years Enable `incudeKeywords` query param
  • over 4 years Prototype chain vs own properties
  • almost 5 years Add type lookup as meta info for company.
  • almost 5 years Add definition lookup within company.
  • almost 5 years Add documentation search within company.