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Tern backend for company-mode.

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Statistics on company-tern

Number of watchers on Github 98
Number of open issues 7
Average time to close an issue 18 days
Main language Emacs Lisp
Average time to merge a PR about 8 hours
Open pull requests 1+
Closed pull requests 1+
Last commit over 2 years ago
Repo Created almost 6 years ago
Repo Last Updated almost 2 years ago
Size 38 KB
Organization / Authorproofit404
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Company tern

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Tern_ backend for company-mode_.


You can install this package from Melpa_::

M-x package-install RET company-tern RET


Add company-tern to allowed company-mode backends list

.. code:: lisp

(add-to-list 'company-backends 'company-tern)

If you don't like circles after an object's own properties, consider a less annoying marker for that purpose or disable it entirely.

.. code:: lisp

(setq company-tern-property-marker " <p>")
(setq company-tern-property-marker nil)

You can trim too long function signatures to the frame width.

.. code:: lisp

(setq company-tern-meta-as-single-line t)

If you doesn't like inline argument annotations appear with corresponding identifiers, then you can to set up the company align option.

.. code:: lisp

(setq company-tooltip-align-annotations t)


  • @katspaugh
  • @dgutov

.. _Tern: .. _company-mode: .. _Melpa:

company-tern open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 3 years Use `defcustom` for both `company-tern-property-marker` and `company-tern-meta-as-single-line`
  • over 3 years Document `company-tern-property-marker` better
  • over 3 years Should company-term autocomplete with only function name or snippet-like arguments too?
  • over 4 years `company-tern` error when sorting completions from `tern`
company-tern open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • treat 'nil' depths as '0' depth (closes #13)
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