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Requirements for Chinese Text Layout

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Requirements for Chinese Text Layout |



Please use the GitHub issue list to send feedback about this document.


To follow the work, you can 'Watch' this repository using the control above, or subscribe to the public-i18n-cjk mailing list, which is notified once a day about changes to the repo. The www-international list is also notified daily. (Please use github issues rather than the mailing list to send feedback.) Meeting minutes are sent to public-i18n-cjk.


All contributors should read and agree with

Because the document is multilingual, you need to follow certain steps when creating or modifying the source text. See for details.

Task force members are expert contributors who participate actively in producing the work of the group, regularly contributing text and advice to create the outputs, and participating in meetings. For more information about becoming a task force member contact Richard Ishida. We welcome participation requests.

Editors should be familiar with and use the following:


clreq open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • about 3 years In section 2.1.1, "typeface" should be replaced by "glyph".
  • about 3 years 建議增加雙行夾注
  • about 3 years 汉语拼音的行间注
  • about 3 years 附錄A中有兩個標點符號的萬國碼出現筆誤
  • over 3 years 注音符号与汉字的比例
  • over 3 years 「臺灣方言音符號」應為「臺灣方音符號」
  • over 3 years 《重訂標點符號手冊》electronic version shows em-dash for type A connector mark
  • over 3 years 规范文档未遵循规范描述
  • over 3 years Show the glyphs referred to in the "Prohibition Rules for Line Start and Line End"
  • over 3 years “省略号使用英文的三点省略号” Not seen in English version
  • almost 4 years Emphasis marks shan’t be used for other punctuation
  • about 4 years ⁇ ‼ 是否需要列在中文標點符號表
  • about 4 years Positioning Issue for an Edge Case of Bopomofo
  • about 4 years Baselines Calculation for mixture of Hans & Western
  • about 4 years Spacing and Hanging Punctuations
  • about 4 years 添加附表列出注音符号及声调的相关字符
  • about 4 years Unify the Hant/Hans/original text
  • over 4 years Adding definitions to the glossary
  • over 4 years Consider using ITS "Locale Filter" instead of data-lang
  • over 4 years Typo: using full-width parenthesis for Chinese characters
  • over 4 years A possible unrelated note in Zhuyin sec. to be omitted?
  • over 4 years description of grid alignment
  • over 4 years additional explanation for Parentheses section
  • over 4 years meaning of 字面分布
  • over 4 years line gap definition
  • over 4 years Meaning of 但在設計上,版面尺寸等依然不出基礎排版體裁
  • over 4 years Explain 'type area'
  • over 4 years 建議加入「問嘆號」和「嘆問號」
  • over 4 years 请考虑添加「什么样的人应该阅读本文档」
  • over 4 years 关于 2.1.3 汉字的配置原则 的两个疑问
clreq open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Fix some translations for zh-hans.
  • Update mixed text composition content to match en text
  • Format character sizing information into tables
  • Fix an untranslated sentence
  • [WIP] Add some English names to Appendix A
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