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A web interface for Clockwork

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Clockwork Web

A web interface for Clockwork

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  • see list of jobs
  • monitor jobs
  • disable jobs

:tangerine: Battle-tested at Instacart


Add this line to your applications Gemfile:

gem 'clockwork_web'

And add it to your config/routes.rb.

mount ClockworkWeb::Engine, at: "clockwork"

Be sure to secure the dashboard in production.

To monitor and disable jobs, hook up Redis in an initializer.

ClockworkWeb.redis =

Basic Authentication

Set the following variables in your environment or an initializer.



authenticate :user, lambda {|user| user.admin? } do
  mount ClockworkWeb::Engine, at: "clockwork"




Change clock path

ClockworkWeb.clock_path = Rails.root.join("clock") # default

Turn off monitoring

ClockworkWeb.monitor = false


  • better design


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