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ClojureScript compiling ClojureScript

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Use ClojureScript to compile itself.


Install ClojureScript from master. Checkout the ClojureScript repo and build and install into your local Maven:

cd clojurescript

Note the ClojureScript version number. Modify this repo's project.clj file to reflect the version number.

Checkout my fork of tools.reader from master and switch to the cljs-bootstrap branch. Install it into your local Maven:

cd tools.reader
lein install

Install the NPM dependencies to get reasonable stack traces:

cd cljs-bootstrap
lein npm install

Start the REPL:

lein trampoline run -m clojure.main script/repl.clj 

Try the following at the REPL by loading the necessary namespaces:

(require-macros '[cljs.env.macros :refer [ensure]])
(require '[cljs.analyzer :as ana] '[cljs.compiler :as c])

Now you can eval. Note currently only trivial expressions work. Arbitrary source code requires macro support which has not yet landed in ClojureScript master:

          (assoc (ana/empty-env) :context :expr)


Progress is constantly being made against master. If you are feeling adventurous the following will let you see the current state of things. In a Clojure REPL copy the cljs/core.cljc macros file and the cljs/core.cljs standard library file into resources (make sure you've created the resources/cljs parent directory).

(require '[ :as io])
(spit "resources/cljs/core.cljc" (slurp (io/resource "cljs/core.cljc")))
(spit "resources/cljs/core.cljs" (slurp (io/resource "cljs/core.cljs")))
(spit "resources/cljs/core.cljs.cache.aot.edn" 
  (slurp (io/resource "cljs/core.cljs.cache.aot.edn")))

Start a ClojureScript REPL. First you must load the macros file at the REPL:

(load-file "/full/path/to/resources/cljs/core.cljc")

Then load this project's namespace:

(require 'cljs-bootstrap.core)

Switch into this namespace and you should be able to eval the comment snippets in the src/cljs_bootstrap/core.cljs source file.

Compiling cljs.core in the browser and benchmarking

After setting up, compile which contains the benchmarking code:

lein run -m clojure.main script/browser.clj

Then start a local server to view the files:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000

Go to http://localhost:8000/index.html, where you'll see a button: Compile Core!. When you click it, the script we compiled earlier,, will fetch cljs.core, compile it, and then present you with how it took to compile (not to fetch).


Copyright 2015 David Nolen, Rich Hickey & Contributors

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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