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  • over 2 years Issue with deriveEnumerationDecoder
  • over 2 years Nested Lists are wrongly derived as Nil, head and tl$1
  • over 2 years Add coproduct codecs to circe-shapeless
  • over 2 years Switch to sbt-microsites
  • over 2 years Add a macro to simplify manual definition of codecs for ADT
  • over 2 years Generic derivation fails for sealed hierarchy living in a file with a lower-case name
  • over 2 years circe-generic macros do not work with `"-Ywarn-unused-import"` scalac flag
  • over 2 years Long value incorrectly decoded on Scala.js
  • over 2 years Another divergence checking nightmare
  • over 2 years Embedded collection of Enumeration values causes errors in serialization of collection of objects
  • over 2 years Improve documentation for custom Encoder/Decoder
  • over 2 years Document the misleading compilation errors with generic derivation
  • over 2 years Validate invalid fields
  • over 2 years Encoding/Parsing round trip equality failure for ScalaCheck-generated BigDecimals
  • over 2 years Update benchmarks
  • over 2 years DecodingFailure(CNil, List()) exception during deserialization of sealed trait
  • over 2 years Exponentially increasing compile times when using codec derivation
  • over 2 years clarify README/warnings
  • over 2 years Feature request: support decoding with a normal cursor, not an HCursor
  • almost 3 years Consider going Predef-less
  • almost 3 years Consider using Java 8+ classes in core
  • almost 3 years Clarify the role of DecodingFailure's "message"
  • almost 3 years `PatchWithOptions` can't specify removal of optional fields
  • almost 3 years Publish artifacts for Scala 2.12
  • almost 3 years Json diff
  • about 3 years Modify deepMerge behavior on arrays
  • about 3 years Modernize Scala.js build
  • about 3 years JsonCodec for sealed traits requires an explicit object definition
  • about 3 years Compilation order causing implicit search problem
  • about 3 years Proposed design changes for decoding
  • about 3 years Consider providing a history-to-selection-path printing helper
  • about 3 years Investigate optics test failure
  • about 3 years Ability to explicitly declare sealed trait members
  • about 3 years Cannot derive Encoder/Decoder for a case class containing members with shapeless-tagged refinements.
  • about 3 years Circle does not support Scrooge genearted scala classes.
  • about 3 years Automatic Decoder derivation hangs when used across files
  • about 3 years Pretty-printing of decoding failure history
  • over 3 years Privileged configurable generic derivation
  • over 3 years Provide a macro-annotation to reduce defining Encoder/Decoder pairs
  • over 3 years Add a type class combining encoding and decoding
  • over 3 years Unwanted object encoding instances for tuples, lists, etc.
  • over 3 years Document automatic derivation more completely

circe closed issues

  • over 2 years Can decode[ClassName](json: String` be used for incomplete json?
  • over 2 years LocalTime encoder/decoder missing from io.circe.java8.time
  • over 2 years Generic derivation does not work for sealed hierarchy with members inter-dependencies
  • over 2 years Decoder[A].validate is subject to infinite recursion
  • over 2 years Is this a bug? deriveDecoder, decodeOption, map and accumulating (!) not playing nice together
  • over 2 years Auto generated `Decoder` is `null`