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Ciao - Cloud Integrated Advanced Orchestrator

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Statistics on ciao

Number of watchers on Github 201
Number of open issues 199
Average time to close an issue 3 days
Main language Go
Average time to merge a PR 2 days
Open pull requests 46+
Closed pull requests 48+
Last commit almost 2 years ago
Repo Created over 3 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 12.9 MB
Organization / Authorciao-project
Latest Release89
Page Updated
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Ciao Project

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Ciao is the Cloud Integrated Advanced Orchestrator. Its goal is to provide an easy to deploy, secure, scalable cloud orchestration system which handles virtual machines, containers, and bare metal apps agnostically as generic workloads.

Please visit ciao's webpage to find out more about ciao, how it's developed, how it works, and how to install it.

If you would like to contribute to ciao, check our Contributing guide.

The ciao development team can be reached via our mailing list and on IRC in channel #ciao-project on Freenode.

ciao open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • almost 3 years ansible: change `ciao_guest_key` var to contain the public ssh key
  • almost 3 years ciao-cli image modify doesn't work
  • almost 3 years ciao-cli image download doesn't work
  • almost 3 years Ciao launcher sends instance delete message too early
  • almost 3 years ciao-cli node list -compute returns error
  • almost 3 years gophercloud: unbounded recursion on auth failure in ProviderClient.Request()
  • almost 3 years ciao-image: Integrate ciao-image into ciao-controller
  • almost 3 years ciao-cli image add/upload should have some progress feedback
  • almost 3 years Add Event Type and Instance ID to the event log
  • almost 3 years Ansible fails creating keystone projects in first run (ClearLinux)
  • almost 3 years configuration: There is no universal way to get cluster configuration
  • almost 3 years Image Service is not installed by ansible scripts
  • almost 3 years BAT tests do not work on ansible installed clusters
  • almost 3 years Ansible playbook should not fail if the ceph directory is missing
  • almost 3 years ciao-cli incorrectly displays network node as compute node
  • almost 3 years ciao-image has almost no logs
  • almost 3 years ciao-controller: datastore: getTableDB should return lock as well as db
  • almost 3 years No way to boot from an existing volume without copying
  • almost 3 years VM booting should always have workload storage associated with it
  • almost 3 years Subnets returned by the /v2.1/cncis command are prefixed by the string Subnet
  • almost 3 years Image service should not allow specifying of UUID on creation
  • almost 3 years add launching a herd of cattle to BAT
  • almost 3 years storage has no quota checking
  • almost 3 years disk usage metrics with integrated storage
  • almost 3 years create a tenant private docker registry per k8s cluster
  • almost 3 years create ciao cluster docker registry service
  • almost 3 years create generic pagination package for ciao
  • almost 3 years create ciao identity interface for project creation/deletion/update
  • almost 3 years Remove unnecessary JSON marshalling tags
  • almost 3 years ciao-cli: support floating IP for k8s
ciao open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Remove username from cloud-init sudo line
  • testutil and unit test framework enhancements
  • [RFC] config: Add config package to handle cluster configuration
  • [WIP: Needs markryan review] ciao-launcher: Remove --server command line option
  • data: Add datastore directory for DB files.
  • [DO NOT MERGE] ciao-cli: Implement subcommands
  • Badge
  • ciao-controller: check instances in list belong to tenant
  • [RFC] ciao-launcher: Add smart default certificates finding
  • [DO NOT MERGE] ciao-cli: Initial Support for Cinder Volumes
  • new boot from volume
  • ciao-controller: api: Set 'limit' value properly
  • WIP: [DO NOT MERGE]: K8s: Define k8s template for master and worker
  • [WIP]:[DO-NOT-MERGE] ciao-image: Add persistent data support with BoltDB
  • [WIP] boot from volume
  • [DONOTMERGE] Enable floating IPs on CIAO CNCI agent
  • WIP: Travis Cluster Test Automation - Kicking travis to see what happens
  • [DONOTMERGE] networking: Add `IPNetDeepCopy` function
  • ciao-cert: hostname clarifications for
  • Single VM: Ensure no ciao network artifacts are left behind
  • ciao-networking: simplify cnci image preparation mount
  • [WIP] Experiment with volume images
  • ansible playbooks
  • Ephemeral boot from volume
  • ciao-controller: create attachment at request time
  • ciao-scheduler: add forwarding rules for attach/detach volume failure
  • fix comments on ssntp error versus event
  • ciao-controller: Add boot flag to attachment
  • ciao-image: Fix open file issue on posix write ops
  • ciao-controller unit test improvements
  • Add Storage bat tests
  • external ip support
  • Use a memory datastore for datastore tests
  • ciao-controller: Change persistent data paths
  • Use OVMF code shipped by the OS
  • [RFC][DON'T MERGE] ciao-down: Add ciao-down, a utility for building VMs for Single VM
  • [RFC]testutil: Add snake oil cert files for roles
  • Switch to gometalinter and enable deadcode detection
  • Add a file that will host common SSH operations and configuration
  • [RFC, DONTMERGE] Deployment: Add keystone dockerfile and travis integration
  • ciao-controller: Fix workload's image ID reference in ciao-cli output
  • update ansible requirements for fedora
  • ciao-controller: differentiate compute / network nodes
  • [RFR] systemd: Report to systemd when service has finished loading.
  • configuration: implement cluster configuration update
  • Ciao image small fixes
ciao questions on Stackoverflow (View All Questions)
  • Moving to previous query in XSB or Ciao (Prolog)
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