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chomp open issues (View Closed Issues)
  • almost 3 years Be able to unwrap Input from InputPosition.
  • almost 3 years Accessing numbering::InputPosition::position via map_err
  • about 3 years Reorganize types
  • about 3 years Improving the `buffer` module
  • about 3 years Non `Copy` `Token`s?
  • almost 4 years Implement alternative `parse!` macro using compiler plugin
  • almost 4 years Provide alternatives preventing overflow and unbounded parsing
  • almost 4 years Applicative parsing
  • almost 4 years Proper parsers tests and examples for using `&str` as a parse source
  • almost 4 years Attoparsec parsers
  • almost 4 years Adapter for Nom
  • almost 4 years TOML example parser
  • almost 4 years ForEach macro/method/function to make it easier to use Stream

chomp closed issues

  • about 3 years Use std::str::from_utf8_unchecked instead of std::mem::transmute
  • about 3 years Returning the entire slice matched by a chain of parsers
  • about 3 years HTML extract link parser.
  • about 3 years `impl Trait` and making Chomp require nightly
  • over 3 years More comprehensive examples
  • over 3 years Proper `prelude` module
  • over 3 years Make `Input` a trait
  • over 3 years Update bitflags dependency
  • over 3 years How do I examine success/fail?
  • over 3 years Infinite loop?
  • over 3 years Request: readable str error messages
  • over 3 years Is there a way to get current position?
  • almost 4 years `or` fails with incomplete even though second parser could have succeeded on the input
  • almost 4 years Maybe use quickcheck to simplify some tests
  • almost 4 years Remove type parameter default on functions and methods
  • almost 4 years run_scanner state can't depend on last token
  • almost 4 years what type of argument to supply for i.err()?
  • almost 4 years `or` with many branches
  • almost 4 years Size hint for internal iterator used by `many*` and `count`
  • almost 4 years Debug mode (feature) including backtraces in errors
  • almost 4 years FAQ and help for debugging `parse!` macro
  • almost 4 years `parse!`: Support for typehints for generic functions.
  • almost 4 years Use Humpty Dumpty to verify linearity of `Input` and `ParseResult`
  • almost 4 years Parse utilities
  • almost 4 years Maybe move the core of Chomp into an inner crate?
  • almost 4 years `string` can cause parsing to be slow with `verbose_error`
  • almost 4 years `parse!` does not support inline `map`, `map_err` or `bind` for named actions
  • almost 4 years Remove `unwrap*` and `expect` from `ParseResult`, and `Input::new()`
  • almost 4 years Rename `internal` to something more appropriate
  • almost 4 years Split InputModify and ParseResultModify into more specialized traits
  • almost 4 years Streaming utilities and generalized input management
  • almost 4 years Adapter for working with Result and Option
  • almost 4 years EOF and non-finite parsers