caret (Classification And Regression Training) R package that contains misc functions for training and plotting classification and regression models

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Number of open issues 85
Average time to close an issue 18 days
Main language R
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Repo Created over 4 years ago
Repo Last Updated 8 months ago
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Latest Release6.0-78
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Classification and Regression Training

Miscellaneous functions for training and plotting classification and regression models. Detailed documentation is at

Install the current release from CRAN:


Install the development version from GitHub:

caret open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • about 2 years Error in train function of caret "Error in `[.data.frame`(data, , all.vars(Terms), drop = FALSE) : undefined columns selected"
  • about 2 years Wrong reference in
  • about 2 years Feature request: resamples-type function for predictions on test set
  • about 2 years xgboost class probabilities inaccurate if `objective = "binary:logitraw"`
  • about 2 years Breaking Backward Compatibility
  • about 2 years xgbtree for poisson regression with offset
  • about 2 years Gini and logLoss Goodness of Fit function
  • about 2 years [New Model]: kernDeepStackNet: Kernel Deep Stacking Networks
  • about 2 years [New Model]: monmlp: Monotone Multi-Layer Perceptron Neural Network
  • about 2 years Ability to send additional data to trainControl's summaryFunction
  • about 2 years Sparse Matrix in caret
  • about 2 years feature request: fast frugal trees
  • over 2 years createFolds is very slow when y is a character with many values
  • over 2 years Feature proposal - multiple input mulitple output
  • over 2 years Feature Request - Label K-fold cross validation
  • over 2 years Feature suggestion - LIME
  • over 2 years scaling preds to original outcome distribution when down/upsampling
  • over 2 years parallelizing preprocess
  • over 2 years Feature Request: place ... in evalSummaryFunction() for train()
  • over 2 years Feature request: rBayesian
  • over 2 years Feature proposal: time partition for time series classification/regression
  • over 2 years Change default arguments of ROC computation (pROC) in the RFE process (caret)
  • over 2 years Y-aware PCA for preprocessing
  • over 2 years [New Model]: kinn (an Implementation of 'kinn' Algorithm, a Graph Based Regression Model)
  • over 2 years [New Model]: fuzzyforest
  • over 2 years Add warning with OOB and custom summary metric
  • over 2 years preProcess zv and nzv for factors
  • over 2 years LLVM static code analysis shows ten bugs
  • over 2 years look into deep learning package
  • over 2 years write makefile for html builds
caret open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • added an issue template
  • Fix minor typo
  • Restrict generation of confusion matrix for resamples when number of classes is large
  • Confusion matrix normalization
  • Variable importance with predictor shuffling
  • Tuning grid fix
  • predict.train documentation fix for type="prob"
  • Added forceRefit option in update.train - Fixes #445
  • Add tuning params to rlm model: intercept, psi
  • Update lm.R
  • replaced pROC metrics and optimized sections of code
  • Add RWeka Tuning Parameters
  • Add Patient Rule Induction Method
  • doRedis: could not find outcome_conversion function
  • Fix undefined cross-reference
  • Fix `tuneGrid` problems with method = 'none'
  • Optimize createTimeSlices and add tests
  • converting binary:logitraw to prob closes #511
  • Code
  • Switch to non-formula interface in ranger
  • Fixing error message
  • Adding MAE as a standard output for regression tasks
  • Fixed xgbDART bug
  • Added feature to show training progress
  • Fixed typo
  • Typo in 04-Basic.Rmd
caret questions on Stackoverflow (View All Questions)
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  • Change visual studio caret color
  • Visual Studio adds caret to command line when run without debugging
  • Error in train function of caret package (R language) - Invalid argument type: 'sim' & 'obs' have to be of class: c('integer', 'numeric', 'ts', 'zoo')
  • How can I use caret to train models and give the classification metrics over a validation set?
  • Multiclass classification with R and caret: How do I know which strategy the classifier uses?
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