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bottle is a fast and simple micro-framework for python web-applications.

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Number of watchers on Github 5271
Number of open issues 248
Average time to close an issue 14 days
Main language Python
Average time to merge a PR 12 days
Open pull requests 78+
Closed pull requests 32+
Last commit almost 2 years ago
Repo Created over 10 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 5.71 MB
Organization / Authorbottlepy
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Bottle: Python Web Framework

Bottle is a fast, simple and lightweight WSGI_ micro web-framework for Python_. It is distributed as a single file module and has no dependencies other than the Python Standard Library <>_.

  • Routing: Requests to function-call mapping with support for clean and dynamic URLs.
  • Templates: Fast and pythonic *built-in template engine* <>_ and support for mako_, jinja2_ and cheetah_ templates.
  • Utilities: Convenient access to form data, file uploads, cookies, headers and other HTTP-related metadata.
  • Server: Built-in HTTP development server and support for paste_, fapws3_, bjoern_, Google App Engine <>, cherrypy or any other WSGI_ capable HTTP server.

Homepage and documentation:

Example: Hello World in a bottle

.. code-block:: python

from bottle import route, run, template

@route('/hello/') def index(name): return template('Hello {{name}}!', name=name)

run(host='localhost', port=8080)

Run this script or paste it into a Python console, then point your browser to <http://localhost:8080/hello/world>_. That's it.

Download and Install

.. __:

Install the latest stable release with pip install bottle, easy_install -U bottle or download bottle.py__ (unstable) into your project directory. There are no hard dependencies other than the Python standard library. Bottle runs with Python 2.7 and 3.3+.


.. __:

Code and documentation are available according to the MIT License (see LICENSE__).

The Bottle logo however is NOT covered by that license. It is allowed to use the logo as a link to the bottle homepage or in direct context with the unmodified library. In all other cases, please ask first.

bottle open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • about 3 years Fetching _body multiple times in POST request fails second time.
  • about 3 years Deserialization security issues when using signed cookies
  • about 3 years different behavior using the server meinheld
  • about 3 years Add support for custom tplid for template caching
  • over 3 years the autojson can't correctly handle chinese
  • over 3 years include() should honour current indentation level for all lines
  • over 3 years bottle 0.12.9 PyPI package: touni doesn't contain None to empty string fix
  • over 3 years new plugin: canister (provides logs, sessions, oauth2 support...)
  • over 3 years FileUpload.filename cut off multi-byte characters (only extension is left)
  • over 3 years Add support for TLS
  • over 3 years Bottle app running on Paste or CherryPy or any other server cannot handle chunked input
  • over 3 years Not Support Expect:100-continue (HTTP/1.1)
  • over 3 years Order of operations for route filters and route selection not documented
  • almost 4 years Fail to retrieve Content-Length from the HTTP response header
  • almost 4 years Python 3.4.3 & Bottle with CGI - environ['REQUEST_METHOD'] issue
  • almost 4 years Unable to set charset property (as presented in the official tutorial)
  • almost 4 years Bottle and Interactive shell
  • almost 4 years redirecting in befoe_request hook is not working as before
  • almost 4 years ResourceWarning unclosed <socket.socket>
  • about 4 years set_cookie inside a plugin for mounted applications
  • about 4 years parent death signal with reloader=True
  • about 4 years adding new features?
  • about 4 years Unable to mount to path containing variable
  • about 4 years redirect() and non-ascii characters
  • about 4 years test_delete_cookie fails with Python 3.5
  • about 4 years Why is bottle not listed in github explore list for web frameworks.
  • about 4 years Add pathlib support to static_file
  • over 4 years Add a way to get nested dicts out of a ConfigDict for libraries that need them (e.g. logging.config, beaker)
  • over 4 years Formsdict attribute like access returns invalid values for parameters submitted with unicode characters
  • over 4 years Allow passing options to eventlet server
bottle open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Fix typo in doc code snippet
  • WaitressServer: pass self.options to serve method
  • Request.msgpack property
  • Add test case for 'load_config'
  • all_errors wrapper
  • Redirect bugfix
  • Allow for long result codes
  • Add "startup" hook that is called on run()
  • Added certfile option to WSGIRefServer to specify SSL
  • Add SSL/TLS support to TwistedServer
  • fixes issue #671
  • fix typo in the Route class docstring
  • Remove unused parameter from the "depr" function.
  • Updated docs
  • Tidied version of #566
  • Support multiple character encodings in HTTP header
  • Update CherryPy SSL to use latest API and work on Py3
  • PEP8 Compliant Code
  • Make `root='/'` work cross-platform
  • Fix the Allow: header value in 405 "Method not allowed." response.
  • Fix 602 unicode path encoding when mounting application.
  • FileCheckerThread: thread.interrupt_main -> sys.exit
  • Support Reloading with Eventlet
  • issue 585 reopen
  • Allow custom bind_addr for CherryPy
  • Multi-phase run for WSGIRefServer
  • Fixed path being unshifted before returned generator exhausted.
  • lookup callable: allows e.g. <template>/de.tpl or modify
  • Route ordering similar to werkzeug
  • zindex in router to control route matching order
  • Update changelog.rst indentation
  • Inherit template's syntax while rendering sub-templates
  • fix invalid badge links
  • Adding circuits.web Server support
  • mount with segmented prefix
  • Minor code fixes and pep8 rules applied
  • make it possible to provide a logger for gevent (before, the logger would be replaced by 'default')
  • New doc section about adding authentication, and 2 small fixes
  • Jinja2Template: Pass filename to Jinja2
  • Add support for flipflop fastCGI connector
  • port bottle cli optparse to argparse where possible
  • Clean python 2.6
  • Add Support for UVLoop and custom asyncio loop option
  • Add WSGIserver support
  • Update docs/tutorial_app.rst
  • Added support for arrays in POST requests
  • Append custom headers to reponse
  • template export it's namespace to subtemplate
  • Allow for zero-copy file uploads.
  • Fix: PATH_INFO always contains "/" for mounted app root
  • Add ShpamlTemplate class (& shpaml_template/shpaml_view helpers).
  • Add a template mechanism for EZT templates.
  • Static file multithreading
  • Don't want to work under virtualenv
  • Adding the case where a closure not more contains a function in the recursion
  • that should fix #922
  • Added to new Plugins
  • Receiving a code other than 2xx generate exception
  • a slightly tweaked version of @defnull's warning suggestion in #961
  • MAX_BODY_SIZE support in tornado and meinheld
  • It's 2017....
  • Support ujson
  • fix links commits #925
  • bugfix: support multiple proxies ('HOSTNAME, HOSTNAME2' syntax)
  • conn > con in tutorial app
  • Update tutorial_app.rst
  • Updated documentation on SimpleTemplate and embedded blocks.
  • Added bottle-oauthlib project reference
  • replace traceback with cgitb for error handling
  • Add UnicodeFormsPlugin + tests
  • Explicitly add global variables to the globals dictionary passed to exec statement when executing compiled templates.
  • from bottle import touni
  • Fixed ResourceWarning: unclosed file <_io.BufferedReader... in static…
  • Fix path_shift fall back always triggering
  • Fix for #1048 - Added header options support to set_header()
  • Fix resources leak in tests
  • Fix deprecation warning for imp module
  • Add peewee-session project reference
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  • How to work with text files in Python Bottle
  • bottle request.forms.get returns None
  • How to get client IP address using python bottle framework
  • How do, WAMP, twisted (+ klein), and django/flask/bottle interact?
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  • Python: Retrieve the Mac Address of the client using bottle framework
  • Python Bottle website visible over network?
  • bottle template: how to import a python package
  • window.location.href with dynamic parameter is not working with bottle webframework
  • Custom plugin with Bottle to return datetime as JSON?
  • Chrome Error code: ERR_UNSAFE_PORT - Bottle hello world app not showing in browser
  • Why is self superfluous for a method when using bottle in a class?
  • Unhandled exception (http error 500) when using Bottle with AJAX
  • How to filter IP addresses by route in bottle?
  • Python: Retrieve the current URL from the browser using bottle framework
  • Get Headers/Cookies from Bottle API request
  • 'Address already in use' error in bottle Python Web Framework with paste server library
  • Sending a file via http in Python with bottle framework
  • python bottle authentication by hook & beaker
  • How to gzip response while using Bottle with Cherrypy?
  • Import Javascript file in Bottle (framework jQuery)
  • Bottle Python Error 404: Not found: '/'
  • How to construct bottle large application
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