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Command line options parser

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Command line options parser.

Build Status

Lead Maintainer - sericaia


var Bossy = require('bossy');

var definition = {
    h: {
        description: 'Show help',
        alias: 'help',
        type: 'boolean'
    n: {
        description: 'Show your name',
        alias: 'name'

var args = Bossy.parse(definition);

if (args instanceof Error) {

if (args.h || !args.n) {
    console.log(Bossy.usage(definition, 'hello -n <name>'));

console.log('Hello ' + args.n);
console.log('Hello ' + args.name);


parse(definition, [options])

Expects a bossy definition object and will return the parsed process.argv arguments provided. If there is an error then the return value will be an instanceof Error.

Options accepts the following keys:

  • argv - custom argv array value. Defaults to process.argv.

usage(definition, [usage], [options])

Format a bossy definition object for display in the console. If usage is provided the returned value will include the usage value formatted at the top of the message.

Options accepts the following keys:

  • colors - Determines if colors are enabled when formatting usage. Defaults to whatever TTY supports.

Definition Object

The definition object should be structured with each object key representing the short form of an available command line argument. Each argument key supports the following properties:

  • alias: A string or array of strings that can also be used as the argument name. For example:

    h: {
    alias: 'help'
  • type: Available types are: boolean, range, number, string, and help. Defaults to string.

    help is a special type that allows the switch to be executed even though other paramters are required. Use case is to display a help message and quit. This will bypass all other errors, so be sure to capture it. It behaves like a boolean.

  • multiple : Boolean to indicate if the same argument can be provided multiple times. If true, the parsed value will always be an array of type's. Defaults to false.

  • description: Description message that will be returned with usage information.

  • require: Boolean to indicate if the argument is required. Defaults to false

  • default: A default value to assign to the argument if its not provided as an argument.

  • valid: A value or array of values that the argument is allowed to equal.

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