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The main docs for intermezzOS

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intermezzOS: The Book


This project is built using Rust, so you'll need to install Rust in order to build the book.

rustup is the recommended way to install Rust.

You also can download Rust here.

Up and Running

$ git clone intermezzOS/book
$ cd intermezzOS/book
$ cargo install mdbook
$ mdbook build

The mdbook crate builds from markdown files in /src, creating html files in a /book directory.

Open index.html in your browser to view the built book.

book open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • almost 3 years Boot failed: Could not read from CDROM (code 0004)
  • almost 3 years Some versions of xorriso don't install grub-mkrescue
  • over 3 years 4.1 - Paging concepts questions
  • over 3 years 3.1 - Header length clarification question
  • over 3 years Place to ask questions?
  • over 3 years Bit / Byte error in Paging section
  • over 3 years Mistake in Paging section
  • over 3 years Shifting bits
  • over 3 years Confusing wording in section 3.2
  • over 3 years Mac OS X setup script doesn't work with zsh?
  • over 3 years src/ word or byte
  • over 3 years book/src/ has some assembly that's probably not safe
  • over 3 years Need new terminal session after OS X setup instructions
  • over 3 years Magic numbers not clear in pagging
  • over 3 years Virtual/Physical address space unclear why it's needed
  • over 3 years Consistently use 0x notation for hexadecimal values.
  • over 3 years slightly incorrect statement about asm
  • almost 4 years grub-mkrescue fails with "Cannot find path 'efi.img' in loaded ISO image" (re-opened with different solution)
  • almost 4 years Appendix: Signed and Unsigned Integers
  • almost 4 years Re-watch "simple vs easy" and finish that paragraph
  • almost 4 years Assumed Knowledge: Unix Based References
  • almost 4 years The button overlays the scrollbar
book open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • first pass at update osx install chapter
  • Draft for git appendix
  • Make a TOC
  • Getting started on paging
  • New section: setting up a GDT
  • Update
  • Jumping headlong into long mode
  • Bare bones
  • better pacman command
  • Fix for people using swiftenv
  • Use brew prefix instead of hardcoded paths
  • Make hello world clearer
  • Fixed a typo in xargo build commands
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  • How to Populate Data in Second Dropdown based on choosing from First Dropdown (Borrowing Book-Library)
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