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Ada source code and complete sample GNAT projects for selected bare-board platforms supported by GNAT.

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1. Introduction

This repository contains Ada source code and complete sample GNAT projects for selected bare-board platforms supported by GNAT. Initially the repository contains software for ARM platforms from a specific vendor, but we intend this to be a location for both AdaCore and the community in general to contribute support for additional processors, platforms, and vendors.

2. Getting started

To start using the Ada_Drivers_Library, please go to the examples directory where you will find instructions to run your first project.

3. License

All files are provided under a 3-clause Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) license. As such, and within the conditions required by the license, the files are available both for proprietary (commercial) and non-proprietary use.

For details, see the LICENSE file in the root directory.

4. Requirements

The software is written in Ada 2012 and uses, for example, preconditions, postconditions, and the high-level iterator form of for-loops.

In addition, a GNAT implementation-defined pragma is used extensively. This pragma makes it possible to avoid explicit temporary copies when assigning components of types representing hardware registers requiring full word or full half-word accesses. The pragma is named Volatile_Full_Access. Those persons wishing to submit additions to the library should see the GNAT Reference Manual for details.

Therefore, building with the sources requires a compiler supporting both Ada 2012 and the GNAT-defined pragma Volatile_Full_Access. The GNAT GPL 2017 compiler for ARM ELF is one such compiler (Download it here). A recent GNAT Pro compiler for that target will also suffice.

5. Content

Initial provision is for the hardware in the STM32F4 family of 32-bit MCUs, as defined in the RM0090 Reference Manual (Doc ID 018909 Rev 6, Feb 2014) by STMicroelectronics and made available on the STM32F4 Discovery and the STM32F429 Discovery kit boards.

Specifically, there are low-level device drivers, higher-level component drivers, small demonstration programs for the drivers, and larger example applications. Component drivers are those that are implemented using the lower-level device drivers (e.g., SPI or GPIO), such as the gyroscope and accelerometer on the Discovery boards.

The small driver demonstration programs and the larger applications programs are provided as full projects, including GNAT project files, and are ready to build either within GPS or on the command-line.

Not all devices defined by the Reference Manual are supported, and not all those supported are complete. We encourage contributions of corrections, enhancements, and new drivers.

6. Roadmap

Here is a list of projects that we are either dreaming about or already working on. If you are interested by one of those, please contact us on the project's GitHub page.

  • ARM
    • STM32F4/7 USB drivers
  • Components
    • BlueNRG-MS (Bluetooth Low Energy Network Processor)
  • Services
    • Bluetooth Low Energy stack
    • USB stack

7. Project using the Ada_Drivers_Library

(Add yours to the list!)

bareboard open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 3 years HAL.Filesystem: memory allocations
  • almost 4 years Short Feedback
bareboard open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • STM32F4-GPIO : Modify procedure and function to allow non-variable GPIO_Point parameters
  • Rename Word to UInt32 and Short to UInt16
  • Fix license issues
  • Stub for audio for stm32f407 Discovery
  • HAL.USB and STM32.USB (experimental)
  • GPL2017 experiments placeholder
  • Start native implementations for HAL interfaces and start a native testsuite
  • Sdcard
  • Remove the demos that are not actual examples.
  • Move the train example to a separate repository
  • MicroBit: Fix compilation error
  • Correct calculation of factory trim for MPU9250.
  • Use configuration pragmas to control components dependency
  • Add dwt for m0 and Ada interface for all
  • 2 bitmap improvements
  • Various fixes
  • [RFC] STM32 dma services
  • Remove submodule embedded-runtimes
  • Add Transmit_Receive to HAL.SPI SPI_Port interface
  • [RFC] Tentative solution for the delay problem
  • Don't require pin to be an output before setting or clearing.
  • Add support of PWM devices of the FE310
  • Fix typo in README.md
  • Bring back the IO Functions definitions.
  • minor pwm demo polishing
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