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:tropical_fish: Babel is a compiler for writing next generation JavaScript.

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Statistics on babel

Number of watchers on Github 26389
Number of open issues 583
Average time to close an issue 1 day
Main language JavaScript
Average time to merge a PR 2 days
Open pull requests 352+
Closed pull requests 115+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created about 5 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 30.6 MB
Organization / Authorbabel
Latest Releasev6.26.1
Page Updated
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The compiler for writing next generation JavaScript.

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Supporting Babel

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Babel is community-driven and thus mostly maintained by a group of volunteers. It has a lot of companies and projects using it but almost no sponsors/people funded to work on it. If you'd like to help maintain the future of the project, please consider:


Babel is a tool that helps you write code in the latest version of JavaScript. When your supported environments don't support certain features natively, Babel will help you compile those features down to a supported version.


// ES2015 arrow function
[1, 2, 3].map((n) => n + 1);


[1, 2, 3].map(function(n) {
  return n + 1;

Try it out at our REPL.


Who maintains Babel?

Mostly a handful of volunteers! Please check out our team page!

Looking for support?

For questions and support please visit join our Slack Community, ask a question on Stack Overflow, or ping us on Twitter.

Is there a Babel song?

I'm so glad you asked: Hallelujah In Praise of Babel by @angus-c. Tweet us your recordings!

Where are the docs?

Check out our website:, and report issues/features at babel/website.

Want to report a bug or request a feature?

Please read through our and fill out the issue template at babel/issues!

Want to contribute to Babel?

Check out our to get started with setting up the repo.

  • If you have already joined Slack, join our #development channel and say hi!
  • Check out the issues with the good first issue and help wanted label. We suggest also looking at the closed ones to get a sense of the kinds of issues you can tackle.
  • Our discussions/notes/roadmap: babel/notes
  • Our progress on TC39 proposals: babel/proposals

How is the repo structured?

The Babel repo is managed as a monorepo that is composed of many npm packages.


Support us with a monthly donation and help us continue our activities. [Become a backer]


Become a sponsor and get your logo on our README on Github with a link to your site. [Become a sponsor]



babel open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • almost 3 years Different transforms and output when using transformFileSync vs. transform
  • almost 3 years babel-runtime/helpers/typeof requires itself - again
  • almost 3 years es2015-modules-amd and es2015-modules-systemjs conflict with each other and generate invalid modules
  • almost 3 years Validate babel-cli program options
  • almost 3 years transformFromAst loses mappings on rerun
  • almost 3 years Rest parameters are empty when debugging function
  • almost 3 years Object.assign cannot be transformed correctly if using Object.assign by assign it to a variable.
  • almost 3 years Update the PR template to allow for `Fixes #xxx`
  • almost 3 years scope.references is always empty except for Program scope
  • almost 3 years Can't disable strict mode
  • almost 3 years ES2015 transformation(let -> var) doesn't update bindings' scope
  • almost 3 years Setting env presets es2015 do not work
  • almost 3 years Newly created bindings are not registered
  • almost 3 years tarball releases each modules
  • almost 3 years babel-plugin-transform-react-constant-elements - bug with incorrect declaration
  • almost 3 years custom quotes option is broken down
  • almost 3 years Plugin options via CLI subarg are not working (anymore?)
  • almost 3 years babel-plugin-transform-es2015-modules-umd does not produce ES3 compatible modules
  • almost 3 years Implement Template Literals Revision proposal
  • almost 3 years babel-plugin-transform-es2015-block-scoping@6.18.0 is very slow
  • almost 3 years How to get constructor arguments when using babel-plugin-transform-class-properties
  • almost 3 years module export error when overriding exported variables
  • almost 3 years building async iterators with transform-runtime produces wrong build, but babel-node works properly
  • almost 3 years Unexpected function parameter rename in `transform-es2015-function-name`
  • almost 3 years minified flag incorrectly transforms SingleEscapeCharacters
  • almost 3 years babel-node doesn't use the right node version
  • almost 3 years async+destructuring: Cannot read property '0' of null
  • almost 3 years `parseInt(08)` should work in sloppy mode?
  • almost 3 years Parsing long strings and object literals
  • about 3 years Error: Plugin 1 specified in ... provided an invalid property of "name"
babel open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Don't use raw values for strings unless it's in a flow expression
  • [UMD] Fixed T6832
  • Replace arrow expression body with block statement
  • fix(babel-template): Fix Error in IE <= 9
  • Show a better error when trying to use a babel 5 plugin
  • Fixes T2299: Prevent REPL from printing implicit 'use strict'
  • Clean up babylon bundle to allow it to be re-bundled - fixes T6930
  • Add a more meaningful error when we're validating plugins and find it may be due to duplicate babel-core versions
  • Make Babel actually resolve plugins relative to where they were specified (via .babelrc).
  • Example of configurable preset. WIP.
  • Improves likelihood of the compilation cache saving if the process is not cleanly exited
  • Update to regexpu-core@2.0.0 for ES2016 compliance
  • Add lossy traversal method type
  • Support passing options to presets.
  • feat(transform-object-rest-spread): add polyfill=false option to avoid extends helper
  • Source-map support for multiple input source files
  • Upgrade to lodash 4
  • add support for ES6 classes to flow-comments plug-in. WIP
  • Make plugin instantiation unobservable
  • babel-register: read .babelrc file for only/ignore/extensions/cache options
  • Fix T2462, compile duplicate keys in objects to valid strict ES5
  • Start test suite for babel-types.
  • `parameters/rest` rename identifier names
  • Documentation for babel-plugin-transform-runtime
  • Add test case for failing block scope
  • Pass through node-style function exports unchanged
  • test: add a failing test case for t6922
  • Expose `--extends` option to babel cli
  • override the only and ignore options when babelrc has only or ignore configures
  • Honor .babelrc when considering `only`/`ignore` via `babel-register`
  • Fix for T7206
  • Initialize shadowed 'this' bindings in constructors after super - fixes T7191
  • Wrap parens around default exports starting with function/class - fixes T7136
  • Invalidate the scope cache if a node is moved to a different path - fixes T7194
  • Ensure that we push and pop evenly so things don't fail to queue - fixes T7199
  • Correct double quotes in
  • Remove check for configurable property in helpers.defaults
  • Add jsxQuotes option for formatting output:
  • Add failing test for optional arrow param
  • add `indent` option
  • [transform-inline-environment-variables] Option to provide / override locally
  • Adds nonempty description to babel-traverse package.json
  • fix(function-name): workout function names across objects
  • Implement support for async generator functions and for-await statements
  • inline-environment-variables – Use default values when environment variables are undefined
  • node-env-inline – Use default value when NODE_ENV is undefined
  • Add type fields for parameter decorators
  • buildExternalHelpers es6 export output format
  • Named exports should always take priority over star exports
  • Test that __esModule flag isn't overwritten on re-export
  • Add a `moduleDirectories` parameter to be able to search for modules in more than one path.
  • don't double count binding references
  • Remove unneeded dependencies from babel-generator
  • Use the real sourcemap API and handle input sourcemaps - fixes T7259
  • feat: Add babelWD option to specify presets location
  • Remove console/debugger's parent statement if it's conditional
  • undeclared-variables-check plugin: Add support for custom globals and predefined environments
  • node_modules path hack
  • Use more ideal mocha hooks in babel-core/test/api
  • Added defense codes to prevent breaking async/await statements at IE8.
  • Self host on babel6
  • Add failing test case for T7227
  • Failing test case for caching bugs
  • Fix buildExportAll to account for commonjs/amd
  • Use existing source maps automatically when in dir mode
  • test: add tests for scope.push and body.unshiftContainer. See #7247
  • Make babel-runtime use regenerator-runtime from npm
  • Refactor space insertion and remove some unneeded function options
  • create new lexical env inside switch statement blocks, fixes #T7324
  • babel-cli: add --just-watch option to only compile on changes
  • Can we add 'opts.indentStyle' to allow customization of output indentation?
  • Added support for disabling babel-node for a given Node version range
  • Class properties: Add path.ensureBlock for ArrowFunctionExpression
  • Add array type to use for-of optimization
  • Modules systemjs system global name, use strict wrapping
  • also visit ClassProperty's for rest param deopt check, fixes #T7311
  • Update core-js
  • For...of strict iterator init check
  • Preset for env/targets
  • Correct source map paths for babel-register.
  • Promote trailing-function-commas to stage 3
  • Fix: RegExp of babel-plugin-transform-es2015-literals
  • Throw error for multiple exports default
  • Update to Contributor Covenant v1.4
  • creating a cache to config content
  • Build: use lerna 2.x beta
  • Adding allow return outside function option to babel options
  • Remove exponentiation-operator from stage-3
  • Start babel-types tests, add isNodesEquivalent
  • Babel types docs
  • Added flowUsesCommas option for object types
  • Fixes T7436: prevent extra newlines when 'retainLines' option is enabled
  • Correct super property access is loose mode
  • Add exactGlobals option to transform-es2015-modules-umd plugin to enable more flexibility in specifying global names
  • Fix class inheritance in IE <=10 (T3041)
  • Default parameters cleanup
  • Fix error in rest parameter length optimization
  • Fix default parameter - rest parameter edge case
  • Bumping source-map-support in babel-register
  • Add support for the new declare module.exports of flow.
  • added --inspect node flag to use new v8_inspector in node v6.3
  • Extract config file resolution from OptionsManager
  • WIP babel-core: add options for different parser/generator (recast test)
  • Fix bug where redeclaration of var doesn't deopt
  • Fix bug where path.evaluate treats repeated identifiers as undefined
  • Deprecate babel-plugin-undeclared-variables-check
  • Add es2017-preset
  • fix(bable-generator): default to double quotes
  • Add an option to allow side-effect-only imports generate factory params
  • incorrect handling of returns nested in switch cases
  • Correct parsing short options
  • Add an option for custom runtime
  • Switch to pirates for babel-register.
  • Set sourceRoot in babel-register transform to fix paths in stacks
  • Misc: remove deps from syntax plugins
  • Fix a bug in evaluate() in expressions with repeated variables. Fixes…
  • commonjs: simplify the output for a single default import
  • Add `helpers.wrapCtor` to fix T7328
  • Add JSX spread children to babel-types and babel-generator
  • Add wrapPluginVisitorMethod option to allow introspection and metrics tracking of plugins
  • Removed unnecessary 'return' statements.
  • System.register update expression consistency
  • [RFC] Make getBinding ignore labels; add Scope#getLabel
  • v6.13.3 changelog [skip ci]
  • T7537: can not call super in constructor with conditional branch
  • Fixes #6726 ignore config option
  • ES2017 preset + polyfills w/ tests
  • make babel-register caching more robust
  • Fix bug - undefined reference for export declaration
  • Create babel-preset-latest
  • v6.15.0 changelog [skip ci]
  • Issue and PR templates
  • Add support for preserving comments in babel-template.
  • Fix `typeof Symbol.prototype`
  • Allow overwritting of sourceRoot
  • Added Eclipse IDE paths to .gitignore. Improved CONTRIBUTING doco.
  • babel-preset-stage-1: Add transform-unicode-property-regex
  • Wait for file write to finish before recompiling, fix T7411
  • Update shelljs to version 0.7.4 πŸš€
  • Correctly support non-string computed keys
  • [WIP] Switch to pirates for babel-register.
  • Do not include babel-register in test helper
  • Ignore Object and Object prototype keys
  • Visit method/function parameter decorators
  • Output babel-generator deopt message to stdout
  • Block scoping: fix remapping (fixes T7525)
  • Fixes #7516 jsx single attribute spread
  • Use 'only' and 'ignore' options from config as defaults for babel-cli
  • Add missing description to all package.json files
  • [import()] Initial support for function-like import
  • Add variance node type and generate property variance annotations
  • Consolidate contiguous var declarations in destructuring transform
  • Better error messaging when preset options are given without a corresponding preset
  • Add useBuiltIns option to helper-builder-react-jsx
  • Fix hoisting of arguments and this in class properties with arrow
  • fix(shouldIgnore): filename normalization should be platform sensitive
  • Add pluginResolutionDir option
  • Enable babel for tests
  • Try find preset/plugin in in `process.cwd()`
  • Use existing external source maps if they exist
  • Greater spec compliance for class properties
  • Make special case for class property initializers in `shadow-functions`
  • lerna update
  • Allow native Symbols as computed property names (#6705)
  • [Flow] Function predicate support in definitions and generators
  • Watch mode should wait for file write. (T7411)
  • Change default value for babelrc option in non-node
  • Add option to resolve imports in the UMD transform plugin
  • object rest - fix when destructuring in variables/parameters
  • 4701: Fix for SystemJS function decl hoisting causing non-hoisted types to not be in lexical scope
  • Added support for Windows for build and test.
  • test for for-of optimization on arrays and add it for array type anno…
  • Switch to nyc, babel-plugin-istanbul & codecov-node for code coverage
  • Add resolvePlugin and resolvePreset methods to babel-core API
  • Add jsonEscape option to generator
  • feature: Support pure expressions in transform-react-constant-elements
  • Added option to show settings.
  • Add toc, team section [skip ci]
  • fixes invalid line offsets in merged sourcemaps
  • Support import() as contextual import in system module format
  • Fix check for JSXMemberExpression deopt in react-constant-elements
  • Add forceColor option to babel-code-frame
  • Only base async fn arity on non-default/non-rest params - fixes #4891
  • Fix remove hooks for Assignment/Conditional
  • Add support for .babelrc.js files
  • Export type definition functions
  • Fix for object-rest with parameters destructuring nested rest
  • Use regenerator-transform to implement babel-plugin-transform-regenerator
  • Add (and fix) failing test of function parameter bindings in a catch block
  • Upgrade regenerator-runtime to version 0.10.0
  • Add getBindingIdentifierPaths
  • Ensure directives get printed in block statements
  • Print Flow optional & type annotations in function params with defaults
  • Fallback to sourceRoot for plugin and preset resolution.
  • removeClassCallCheck option
  • babel-plugin-transform-es2015-function-name: how to make assignment arrow function test pass ?
  • Add windows support for build and test.
  • Pass `dirname` as extra metadata to preset constructor.
  • Fixes #5108, browser.js and browser.js test removed
  • Drop flowUsesCommas option from babel-generator
  • Remove old code used for backwards compatibility
  • Resolves #5112
  • Changed transform-class-properties to declare uninitialized properties
  • Document babelrc option
  • Test commit for babel-bot [skip ci]
  • Ensure array is always copied during destructure
  • fix: plugin-transform-object-rest-spread param with default value
  • [wip] add option for copying dot files
  • Rewrite Hub as interface #5047
  • Replace "lodash/is*" and "lodash/each" with native equivalents
  • Use native or lodash util module where full "lodash" is required
  • Remove node 0.10 support (CI)
  • Add support for DOTFILES_PATH environment variable
  • Use template, traverse, and types from context
  • Option for disable ASCII-safe encoding
  • Prevent multiple return statements in a loop when replacing expressions
  • Require debug module directly
  • Drop support for Node 0.12 :skull:
  • Fix generating export declarations with decorators
  • fix issue #5012 - Cannot read property 'declarations' of null
  • Don't try to visit ArrowFunctionExpression, they cannot be named
  • Extend babel-template to work as a template tag
  • Plugin to transform dynamic import using the spec mode require wrapper
  • Add a spec mode to transform-es2015-modules-commonjs
  • Treat "await" as an invalid identifier
  • Optimize babel-template
  • Remove `.babelrc` fallback to a specific environment
  • Lift single-expression helper restriction and use hoistable function declarations wherever possible in helpers
  • Make sure source type is module when parsing .mjs
  • Add spec option example for transform-es2015-arrow-functions [skip ci]
  • Support throwIfClosureRequired option in preset
  • Transform do-expressions on exit
  • Hoist toSequenceExpression's convert helper
  • Add support for evaluating `String.raw` expressions
  • Add displayName to more types of React components.
  • Kill the "shadow-functions.js" internal plugin in favor of an explicit helper
  • Flow comments import export
  • Added --delete-dir-on-start option for babel
  • Make terminator paren comment check more strict
  • Add additional tests for ignore/only
  • Add column range to babel-code-frame
  • Fixing bug with transforming references to super in arrow functions.
  • Add no-babelrc option in babel-node
  • Add missing node flags
  • Fix the stack frame of async-to-generator class methods
  • Option for disable ASCII-safe encoding to 7.0 branch
  • Only compile files inside the cwd in babel-register.
  • Support declare export statements
  • Handle cycles of plugins compiling themselves and .babelrc.js files loading themselves
  • Add isScriptContext for babel-generator
  • [WIP] Add maxLineLength to babel-generator
  • Fix #4840: Alias class prototype for methods in loose mode
  • silently fail
  • Keep original function name when renaming scoped functions
  • Make sure .babelrc is a file, not a directory
  • Allow actual fixtures other than .js
  • Fix issues with ES3 and injected helper code
  • Added another test case for path.insertBefore
  • Backport support for createReactClass with transform-react-display-name
  • Add loose option for es2015-parameters transformation
  • Switch continue
  • Fix super set semantic
  • Hoist block-scoped wrapping functions
  • Backport array & object pattern fixes to 6.x
  • Fix incorrect destructuring in for loop `let` initialization
  • Added export declaration to getBindingIdentifierPaths testcase
  • Non string computed keys in object-rest-spread
  • Inline parameters
  • Remove duplicated getStatementParent and refactor requires to imports in tests
  • Use first binding for multiple var declarations
  • Fix issue replacement nodes not requeued for transforming after destructuring
  • Fix relative execution location introspection
  • [WIP] Plugin Ordering
  • Return new object from spread
  • Update _getQueueContexts
  • Update File constructor
  • Fix optimisation of shadowed rest parameters
  • Adding documentation and information
  • Updated transform-react-display-name for createReactClass addon
  • Return inserted/replaced paths
  • Rewrite parameter transform and drop _blockHoist reliance
  • add guard for cannot find decorator of undefined
  • make babel injectable in babel-register
  • Expose findbabelrc method
  • update substitution placeholder message in babel-template
  • Failing test for transform-eval plugin
  • Expose parse (babylon) for plugins
  • Make comment props more consistent
  • Add regexp support to include/exclude
  • Compile Babylon with the normal workflow and use "overrides" in our c…
  • Better error message for invalid plugin/preset
  • Fix up flow errors
  • Add β€”nopolyfill to babel-node cli args
  • [TS] Transform multiple assert and assign correctly
  • [babel-generator] Add check for undefined endToken in whitespace
  • babel --settings || babel -S implementation
  • Initial Roadmap Suggestions
  • Add eslint plugin to disallow `t.clone` and `t.cloneDeep`
  • Bug-fix: export default decorated class parsed as class expression
  • Wrap wrapNativeSuper helpers in redefining functions for better tree-…
  • addHelper bug Fix in transform-block-scoping
  • typescript: Support definite assignment assertion
  • Add basic support for await with the pipeline operator
  • Disallow duplicated nodes (only in tests output)
  • Ensure the methods are not instantiated
  • Add table of contents generator for @babel/types documentation
  • Clean babel-prest-env stdout for builtIns: `usage` with imports removing case.
  • Add @babel/plugin-transform-named-capturing-groups-regex
  • Create method combinedRestSpread for merging rest/spread operations
  • TSTypeAliasDeclaration should reference TSTypeAnnotation node
  • Allow extending native classes
  • Update
  • Allow more flexible file-based configuration while preventing .babelrcs from breaking things
  • Update
  • Assign another temp var when parsing assignment patterns in destructuring
  • Added babel-helper-split-export-declaration
  • [BugFix] Compile export default from
  • Added license files to packages
  • "babel-standalone": broadcast "BabelScriptsRun" event
  • Fix typescript import eliding
  • Prevent undefined function name for template literal computed property
  • Add Number.parseFloat/parseInt mappins for preset-env 'usage'
  • Rely entirely on sourceType for module vs script differentiation.
  • Add "use strict" directive
  • WIP: rename proposal-async-generator-functions to transform-async-generator-functions
  • WIP: rename proposal-object-rest-spread to transform-object-rest-spread
  • Babylon: use a limited set of string methods
  • Spec Violation: Fix var initializer in for-in loop
  • Favour extends helper over objectWithoutProperties when whole object …
  • TypeScript: support mapped type modifiers syntax
  • Empty src dir error fix
  • Correctly assign super properties in loose mode
  • Migrate `babel-cli` and `babel-generator` tests to use jest-expect
  • Make `import`s in `.mjs` files use node-like behavior where 'exports' is '.default' only.
  • Expose a prefix that plugins can use to annotate labelled statements and directives so they will be stripped out.
  • update preset-env after build-data
  • [WIP] Decorators
  • Add donate link to our ISSUE_TEMPLATE
  • Update of plugin-transform-proto-to-assign
  • Use helper-module-imports instead of custom import (#7457)
  • Fix bugs in the _wrapNativeSuper helper
  • Use $ReadOnlyArray in generated babel-types type defs
  • babel-cli: Output files with .mjs extensions when sourceType:module
  • Default to sourceType:script when parsing files.
  • Fix class properties tdz decorator interop
  • added support Node's --require and -r flags in babel-node
  • Uses require instead of default import when transpiling
  • Enable parsing of `|> await`
  • test(plugin-proposal-class-properties): add failing test for decorator interop
  • Refactor inheritance in babel-plugin-transform-classes
  • Fix function name computation for literal values
  • Fix default descriptor setting for class properties with decorators
babel questions on Stackoverflow (View All Questions)
  • Should Javascript library which uses ES6 and ES7 features require babel-polyfill?
  • Variables declaration in Babel-node
  • When I use babel to compile js, Proxy is not defined
  • Gulp babel es2015 transform very slow
  • How to use source maps with grunt-babel from grunt-contrib-concat
  • How can I produce a table with column headers from org-babel shell output?
  • How to get browserify, babel, and coverage working together in karma
  • How to use Babel 6 external helpers in the browser?
  • Webpack with babel-loader not recognizing import keyword
  • ES6 rest parameter not working with babel
  • Webpack babel-loader with 'stage-0' and 'es2015' presets doesn't recognise import statement
  • NPM install doesn't trigger babel build if dependencies not coming from NPM.
  • import a module from node_modules with babel but failed
  • Cannot get Babel to recognize "import" keyword on module import
  • Gulp browserify babel and watchify to output multiple bundles
  • Babel - Npm run script with --watch flag
  • Grunt Babel sourcemaps not found in chrome dev-tools with sub folder
  • Babel Config "strict mode"
  • How to customize babel 6 plugin/preset root
  • Using react-router w/ brunch/babel
  • Use ES6 functions defined in a separate file with gulp and babel
  • Using ES6 syntax in Node script with Babel
  • ES6 in Chrome - Babel Sourcemaps and Arrow Functions lexical scope
  • Babel build program is breaking permission of NPM bin script
  • React, ES6 compiling with Browserify, babel and gulp, issue importing components
  • How to bind a preprocessor to babel-register, to modify files before babel kicks in
  • Babel 6 regeneratorRuntime is not defined with async/await
  • Angular2 + Babel + Gulp - Decorators won't convert to es5
  • Is it okay to use `require('babel/register);` in production
  • Async function not getting hoisted in Babel 6
babel list of languages used
babel latest release notes
v7.0.0-beta.40 v7.0.0-beta.40

v7.0.0-beta.40 (2018-02-12)

:rocket: New Feature

  • babel-preset-env
  • babel-highlight *#7351 Extract @babel/highlight package from @babel/code-frame (@suchipi)

:bug: Bug Fix

  • babel-cli
  • babel-code-frame
    • #7341 Allow falsey, yet valid options for codeFrameColumns(). (@hulkish)
  • babel-generator, babel-plugin-proposal-optional-chaining, babel-types, babylon
  • babel-core, babel-template, babel-traverse
  • babel-plugin-proposal-pipeline-operator
  • babel-traverse
    • #7312 Preserve identifier location information when mapping this and arguments.. (@loganfsmyth)
  • babylon
    • #7297 [Typescript] - Fix SyntaxError in async arrow functions with rest params. (@ksashikumar)

:memo: Documentation

  • babel-plugin-proposal-unicode-property-regex

:house: Internal

Committers: 14

v6.26.1 v6.26.1



v7.0.0-beta.39 v7.0.0-beta.39

v7.0.0-beta.39 (2018-01-30)

:eyeglasses: Spec Compliancy

  • babel-plugin-proposal-optional-chaining

:rocket: New Feature

  • babel-polyfill, babel-preset-env, babel-register, babel-runtime
  • babel-core
  • babel-preset-env, babel-preset-es2015
    • #7283 Support cjs shorthand for modules option in preset-es2015 & preset-env. (@Andarist)
  • babel-register
  • babel-preset-env
  • babel-generator, babylon
    • #7239 TypeScript: Support parsing 'unique' type operator. (@andy-ms)
  • babel-code-frame

:bug: Bug Fix

  • babel-register
    • #7298 Revert make babel injectable in babel-register. (@hzoo)
  • babel-plugin-proposal-decorators, babylon
    • #7189 Bug-fix: export default decorated class parsed as class expression. (@nveenjain)
  • babel-plugin-transform-typescript
    • #7160 typescript: Fix enum emit when values are strings. (@andy-ms)
  • babel-helper-annotate-as-pure

:nail_care: Polish

:memo: Documentation

  • babel-preset-env
    • #7271 babel-preset-env: Fixed links in readme and improved Built-ins example. (@apepper)

:house: Internal

  • babel-*
  • babel-helper-transform-fixture-test-runner
  • babel-plugin-check-constants, babel-plugin-transform-block-scoping, babel-preset-env, babel-preset-es2015, babel-standalone
  • babylon
  • babel-plugin-transform-eval, babel-standalone
  • Other

Committers: 17

Other projects in JavaScript