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avy open issues (View Closed Issues)
  • almost 3 years key binding(s) to change target action?
  • almost 3 years goto char in word an move to end of the word
  • almost 3 years functions to resume last jump, and jump to prev/next match from last jump
  • about 3 years Inconsistent use of order of characters in avy-keys
  • about 3 years Suggestion: Add lines/regions to kill ring
  • almost 4 years Small incompatibility with prettify-symbols-mode

avy closed issues

  • over 2 years dvorak users?
  • almost 3 years Avy is not labelling every character
  • almost 3 years Dispatching to custom avy action is sticky
  • almost 3 years Avy skips lines beginning with a link in org-mode when linum-mode is on
  • almost 3 years avy-goto-word-or-subword-1 does not respect avy-subword-extra-word-chars
  • about 3 years Error in avy-goto-subword-1 with empty windows visible
  • about 3 years avy-goto-line misbihaves when fci-mode is active
  • about 3 years Improve ispell action
  • about 3 years New package `avy-flycheck`: `avy` interface for `flycheck` syntax errors navigation.
  • about 3 years Is there a way to leave goto-line chars constantly?
  • about 3 years Two char, end of line
  • about 3 years Feature Idea: Forward and backward versions
  • about 3 years Doesn't work with non latin letters
  • about 3 years Toggle window range with prefix argument broken
  • about 3 years proposal: add avy-goto-word-n
  • over 3 years keybinding not working
  • over 3 years Quitting avy in ace-link and Ivy
  • over 3 years Overshadowed letters
  • over 3 years Copy, Cut and Delete everything between current and jumped position
  • over 3 years Quitting avy results in user error
  • over 3 years Hello, can you add a command?
  • over 3 years Bad behavior with fill-column indicator turned on
  • over 3 years Compilation warning
  • over 3 years copy the word in unfocused frame, say with `M-t w na` should not focus it
  • over 3 years Why not to use semicolon by default in `avy-keys`?
  • over 3 years `avy--process` returns "zero candidates"
  • over 3 years at-full, de-bruijn targets broken at EOL when visual-line-mode is enabled
  • over 3 years Possible to jump correctly vertically?
  • over 3 years feature request: auto-toggle case fold
  • over 3 years no avy-style 'post overlay displayed for candidate at end of buffer
  • over 3 years `avy-goto-line` breaks any subsequent `avy--generic-jump` call
  • over 3 years avy-goto-line failed to mimic goto-line behaviour if narrowing is in use
  • over 3 years avy-copy-region - selector keys change between first and second line
  • over 3 years avy-copy-region - now allows to "select" a region across two buffers
  • over 3 years avy-copy-region to copy into current buffer
  • over 3 years Search all windows with universal argument
  • over 3 years Feature request: avy-move/copy-line/region should optionally insert after current line
  • over 3 years Feature Request: function like avy-subword-1 to also match arbitrary chars
  • over 3 years Emacs hangs when using avy-goto-char-timer with a pdf-view-mode window
  • over 3 years org-cycle-agenda-files is bound to C-'
  • over 3 years org-mode with org-indent-mode and visual-line-mode using de-bruijn doesn't show shortcuts at end of line
  • over 3 years avy-goto-line overlay placement with visual-line and org-indent