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  • over 3 years subscribing to an empty set kills pubsub
  • over 3 years Cleanup pubsub?
  • over 3 years Sentinel support
  • almost 4 years Raise UnicodeEncodeError when register a script that contain non-ascii chars.
  • almost 4 years HiRedisProtocol's subscription service is broken
  • about 4 years Consider `async for` implementation for pubsub API's
  • about 4 years Is this project now support?
  • over 4 years AssertionError in multibulk_as_scanpart
  • over 4 years pip jessie install report
  • over 4 years Bad handling of timeouts in pubsub subscriptions
  • over 4 years pubsub incompatible with auto_reconnect
  • over 4 years Problems with
  • over 4 years Ability to fetch specific connection from Pool
  • over 4 years Add support for redis' new Geo commands
  • over 4 years Is it possible to return an Error when attempting to connect to non-running Redis Server?
  • almost 5 years Python 2 Trollius support
  • almost 5 years pool reallocates non-free connection whenever use multi method
  • almost 5 years Redis Cluster Support
  • about 5 years z* commands overly pedantic about types
  • over 5 years Pending task destroyed warning
  • almost 6 years Support new features from the 2.8.9 release
  • almost 6 years Any way to ping Subscription connection
  • almost 6 years File descriptor leak when can't connect to host
  • almost 6 years Doc improvements.

asyncio-redis closed issues

  • over 3 years ErrorReply: ERR MULTI calls can not be nested
  • over 3 years TypeError: Got unexpected return type 'Future' in RedisProtocol.decr, expected <class 'int'>
  • almost 4 years Using `start_subscribe`
  • over 4 years RedisProtocol.rpush received 'str', expected (<class 'list'>, <class 'generator'>)
  • over 4 years bytes as parameter for python 3
  • over 4 years SPOP on non-existing key should be None or an explicit exception
  • over 4 years Add support for COUNT option in SCAN and its families
  • over 4 years subscriber.next_published() seems to block in this code snippet
  • over 4 years closing connection pool results in error message for each closed connection
  • almost 5 years Default arguments are not encoded correctly.
  • almost 5 years Use 'scan' function, lost some key
  • almost 5 years Retrieve a value between WATCH and MULTI
  • about 5 years AssertionError when trying to hmset
  • over 5 years pipelining requests
  • over 5 years Multibulk result read performance
  • almost 6 years CancelledError in _get_answer stops all the magic
  • almost 6 years loop is not being explicitly passed inside asyncio-redis
  • almost 6 years Figure out how we can improve the performance through hiredis.
  • almost 6 years Code that never works
  • almost 6 years Blocking pop calls with timeouts raise AssertionError when the pop times out.
  • almost 6 years pubsub: IndexError: pop from an empty deque
  • about 6 years Add _aslist and _asdict methods to the protocol for each action that has a List or DictReply.