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A minimalist HTTP server for Linux, written in x86_64 assembly

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asmhttpd - The tiniest webserver ever written


Just run "make". You will need NASM on your system.


sudo ./asmhttpd "/path/to/your/webroot"


Q: Why?
A: Just for fun, this is obviously completely impractical.

Q: How tiny is it?
A: The core of the daemon uses one single page of memory (4KB). It is
   quite literally impossible for a program to use less memory than
   this one does. Each connection allocates an additional 32KB.

Q: Why do you use a thread-based model for serving files?
A: Because it was substantially easier to write that way.

Q: Why are all the source files #included into a single file?
A: The linker doesn't handle code written like this very well. Twice, I
   spent a significant amount of time chasing bugs that turned out to
   be due to the linker incorrectly optimizing out chunks of code.

Q: Why do you use NASM?
A: It was what I was familiar with when I wrote it. NASM is actually a
   great little assembler, but the Intel syntax is a drag.


Bug reports are greatly appreciated! The most useful information is the
line that probably got printed in `dmesg`, which shows the address of
the instruction which caused the segfault. Core dumps are not of much
use, but send them if you have them. If the bug doesn't crash the
daemon, send me a very detailed description of what you did to cause
the issue.

My E-Mail is: jcalvinowens@gmail.com
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