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arxiv-sanity-preserver open issues (View Closed Issues)
  • about 3 years Convert does not work on Mac OS
  • about 3 years library not showing my saved papers.
  • about 3 years Use file list instead of database in ``
  • over 3 years add support for
  • over 3 years cs.AI
  • over 3 years Add a LICENSE file, please.
  • over 3 years Analyzing uses too much memory
  • over 3 years Hosting "fork" for physics categories
  • over 3 years Would it make sense to add LSA/LDA vec to TF IDF representation?
  • over 3 years Feature Requests/Suggestions
  • over 3 years arxiv paper ios app
  • over 3 years Would it be useful to have an extension to this project where you can see the ancestors and predecessors of a research paper?
  • almost 4 years Any plan for including other fields? (and some suggestion about social features)
  • almost 4 years Stemming, ELK
  • about 4 years mention poppler dependency in readme
  • about 4 years Any plans for adding feature of commenting on papers?

arxiv-sanity-preserver closed issues

  • over 3 years Integrate with Short Science / GitXiv
  • over 3 years PDF link goes to article page, not the PDF
  • over 3 years System for sharing libraries
  • over 3 years Can not start webserver. No such table in database.
  • over 3 years ImageMagick as dependency is not listed in README
  • over 3 years More than 20 papers in "Most recent"
  • over 3 years Add Mathjax/KaTeX to display math content
  • almost 4 years Add ontology / connections graph visualization
  • about 4 years Any plans for adding feature of voting (e.g. like/dislike) for papers?
  • about 4 years maybe you can use elasticsearch to index papers
  • about 4 years Any plans for adding feature of showing number of citations?
  • about 4 years this is very cool.