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The official Angular library for Firebase.

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Statistics on angularfire2

Number of watchers on Github 3355
Number of open issues 43
Average time to close an issue 2 days
Main language TypeScript
Average time to merge a PR 4 days
Open pull requests 64+
Closed pull requests 44+
Last commit almost 2 years ago
Repo Created about 4 years ago
Repo Last Updated almost 2 years ago
Size 1.13 MB
Organization / Authorangular
Latest Release5.0.0-rc.6
Page Updated
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The official library for Firebase and Angular

Build Status Join the chat at

Status: Release candidate

What is AngularFire?

  • Observable based - Use the power of RxJS, Angular, and Firebase.
  • Realtime bindings - Synchronize data in realtime.
  • Authentication - Log users in with a variety of providers and monitor authentication state in realtime.
  • Offline Data - Store data offline automatically with AngularFirestore.
  • ngrx friendly - Integrate with ngrx using AngularFire's action based APIs.

Quick links


Stackblitz Template - Remember to set your Firebase configuration in app/app.module.ts.

Upgrading to v5.0? Check out our guide.

Having troubles? Get help on the Firebase Mailing List (offically supported), the Firebase Community Slack (look for the #angularfire2 room), Gitter, or Stack Overflow.


npm install firebase angularfire2 --save

Example use:

import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { AngularFirestore } from 'angularfire2/firestore';
import { Observable } from 'rxjs/Observable';

  selector: 'app-root',
  template: `
    <li *ngFor="let item of items | async">
      {{ }}
export class MyApp {
  items: Observable<any[]>;
  constructor(db: AngularFirestore) {
    this.items = db.collection('items').valueChanges();

Developer Guide

Getting started

Interacting with your database(s)

Firebase offers two cloud-based, client-accessible database solutions that support realtime data syncing. Learn about the differences between them in the Firebase Documentation.

Cloud Firestore

AngularFirestore allows you to work with Cloud Firestore, the new flagship database for mobile app development. It improves on the successes of Realtime Database with a new, more intuitive data model. Cloud Firestore also features richer, faster queries and scales better than Realtime Database.

Realtime Database

AngularFireDatabase allows you to work with the Realtime Database, Firebase's original database. It's an efficient, low-latency solution for mobile apps that require synced states across clients in realtime.

Authenticate users

Upload files

Deploy to Firebase Hosting


angularfire2 open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 3 years Ionic 2 issue with flatMap property does not exist on type FirebaseListObservable<any[]>
  • over 3 years [ts] Property 'code' does not exist on type 'Error'.
  • over 3 years fix(FirebaseSDKAuthBackend): restore type to constructor signature
  • over 3 years Issue template does not fit well with documentation-only issue creation
  • over 3 years Docs how use within Route resolve
  • over 3 years Why is firebase not a peerDependency?
  • over 3 years Expose linkWithPopup and linkWithRedirect
  • over 3 years Provider Login Method of Redirect Slow in emitting login success
  • over 3 years angularFire2 - ISSUES with error handling, exception handling ?? :'(
  • over 3 years Create a walkthrough for Auth on Ionic/Cordova
  • over 3 years Suggestion: Add a child() method to quickly retrieve a property as observable
  • over 3 years Error while calling login with one argument
  • over 3 years Suggestion: logout to return a promise
  • over 3 years signInWithCredential error code auth/network-request-failed
  • over 3 years Ionic 2.0.0-rc.0 support
  • over 3 years Cannot read property 'FacebookAuthProvider' of undefined - 2.0.0-beta.5
  • over 3 years Multiple subscriptions on a FirebaseListObservable
  • over 3 years Authentication: How to know when the authentication is done after pageload?
  • over 3 years Angularfire2 and Rxjs Observable Not firing Catch and Complete functions for getting auth data
  • over 3 years ionic 2 serve issue
  • over 3 years Auth login .then delay
  • over 3 years How do I iterate through FirebaseListObservable<[]> object
  • over 3 years initializeApp inconsistent API
  • over 3 years Errors in Safari Private Browsing.
  • over 3 years proposal: database directives
  • over 3 years test: add integration test for AoT compilation
  • over 3 years chore: improve test+watch cycle
  • over 3 years beta.5-preview locked to firebase 3.3.0
  • over 3 years FirebaseAuthState parameters come back undefined
  • over 3 years How to detect if current page is redirected from Google Sign In?
angularfire2 open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • feat(auth): Add auth and unauth methods
  • fix(FirebaseListFactory): prevent first item being duplicated when it…
  • chore(build): publish es6 assets to npm
  • Tweak to allow querying
  • Update
  • change docs when installing typings global install
  • update for typings v2
  • docs(get-as-object): minor typo fix
  • Multiple list fix
  • Fix typo
  • chore: add support for lint / format
  • refactor: misc cleanup
  • Update to reflect typings 1.0
  • docs: update npm vendor files
  • Upgrade to Firebase 3.0 SDK
  • Include source maps into angular-cli-build.js
  • Cordova case
  • Organize modules
  • Consistent promise rejections
  • Moved ngFor directive to <li> rather than <ul>
  • Removed comma after last value in object
  • docs(binding): update syntax for object and list binding
  • Very minor docs fixes
  • fix(list): FirebaseListObservable shape
  • corrected variable naming
  • Update typings installation instructions.
  • chore - update the typings.json content as required by latest version of typings tool
  • fix(auth): Return provider data
  • AngularFireAuth API's
  • 3. Retrieving data as lists
  • Make the $key and $exists properties non-enumerable
  • Updated package.json to use the correct casing for the 'main' entrypoint
  • Better native firebase transcription
  • Corrected fix for missing namespace 'firebase'
  • Change logout methods to return a promise
  • build(firebase): set firebase as peer dependency
  • npm version should be >= 3
  • Ionic2 angular fire2 auth
  • Querying lists options
  • feat(database): support the optional startAt key
  • fix(database): retrieve initial list content once
  • Update
  • fix(database): allow null values for equalTo, etc.
  • docs: Add FIREBASE_PROVIDERS to the install and setup document.
  • Added GooglePlus ionic-native login
  • feat(FirebaseListObservable): add `set` method for destructive updates
  • Made npm scripts use local binaries
  • docs: recommend orderByChild in favor of orderByPriority
  • docs(ionic): add guide for setting up with ionic
  • chore(release): Version bump
  • Fix H1 in Markdown
  • Typo in docs
  • docs(auth): missing AngularFireAuthModule import
  • Merge pull request #1 from angular/master
  • docs: Correcting errors in methods and types
  • WIP AngularFireStorage
  • Fixing typo in documentation
  • (WIP) Support Angular Universal
  • Recommend adding a reference and link to #1158 (API change proposal)
  • runOutsideAngular for Universal compatibility and allow advanced configuration with DI
  • feat(firestore): allow collection and doc from ref
  • typo fix
angularfire2 list of languages used
angularfire2 latest release notes
5.0.0-rc.6 5.0.0-rc.6

Bug Fixes

  • Migrate imports to new Typings from 4.8.1 to resolve #1385 (7ec51b2)
  • Removing errant old import. Updating build with latest namespace. Fixing import for main @firebase/app. This resolves failing tests. (a13bf9b)
  • afs: fix di warning (#1401) (23ab383)
  • afs/typings: valueChanges should return Observable (#1321) (aadc71a)


  • storage: Add Cloud Storage support (e2283b1)
5.0.0-rc.4 5.0.0-rc.4

Bug Fixes

5.0.0-rc.3 5.0.0-rc.3

Bug Fixes

  • afs: change doc.update() parameter type to Partial (#1247) (297cabb), closes #1245 #1215
  • rtdb: Fixed null set handling, ordering, and cleaned up types (#1264) (eda1c41)
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