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[NOT MAINTAINED] Angular 2 hot loader

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Note that the project is in very early stage of development. It is still not ready for usage but you can give it a try and share your feedback.

Angular2 Hot Loader

Hot loader for Angular 2, inspired by react-hot-loader.

How to use?

npm install angular2-hot-loader

You can start the hot loader server by:

import * as ng2HotLoader from 'angular2-hot-loader';

  port: 4412,
  projectRoot: __dirname

Somewhere inside of your templates add:

  .then(module => {
    module.ng2HotLoaderBootstrap(AppCmp, [PROVIDERS]);

Now you can watch your file system with any module you feel comfortable with. Once you detect a change in the target files use:


Now on each edit the changes should be pushed to the client.


  • [x] Update the component's inline templates
  • [x] Update the component's external templates
  • [x] Update the component's altered methods
  • [x] Update the component's removed methods
  • [x] Allow definition of new components
  • [x] Update the component's metadata
  • [ ] Update the component's constructor on change
    • [ ] For components declared in the directives array
    • [ ] For components declared in the @RouteConfig definition
  • [ ] Preserve the state of the components (i.e. the values of the bindings)
  • [ ] Preserve the instantiated tokens in the element injectors


  • Add new methods to existing components
  • Clean removed methods from existing components
  • Support changes of external and inline templates
  • Allows adding inputs and outputs (events and properties) to the components


  • Does not push changes in services & pipes
  • Does not update component's constructor



angular2-hot-loader open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 4 years fix(package): updating to beta.12
  • over 4 years Newbie question
  • over 4 years server part question?
  • over 4 years Refactoring
  • over 4 years Preserving component's state
  • over 4 years Hot reload a component's constructor
  • over 4 years Destroy and reinitialize only changed components
  • over 4 years Feature: Add possibility to change ViewEncapsulation mode
  • over 4 years Document not (yet) implemented features
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