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android-classyshark open issues (View Closed Issues)
  • almost 3 years Resolve resource values on Android XML parser
  • almost 3 years assets folder incorrectly appears under the res folder
  • almost 3 years ClassyShark should display all folders within the APK, not just a few
  • almost 3 years ClassyShark reports incorrect size for android-support-v4.jar
  • almost 3 years IOException when parsing some XML files
  • almost 3 years Demangle symbol names
  • almost 3 years Dark theme needs streamlining?
  • almost 3 years Be able to import proguard mappings
  • about 3 years ClassyShark does not terminate when ran with command line arguments

android-classyshark closed issues

  • almost 3 years UI and --methodcount flag report different numbers
  • almost 3 years Instructions to build ClassySharkWS?
  • almost 3 years Unable to detect instrumented code in apk files.
  • almost 3 years Detect interfaces and abstract classes with a single implementation
  • almost 3 years Add method size in bytes information
  • about 3 years ClassyShark omits the last package when populating the tree
  • about 3 years Add file size information
  • about 3 years Add SONAME and text relocation checks
  • about 3 years Add list for all native dependencies per APK
  • about 3 years Add TeeOutputStream to exporter to support both file writing and command line
  • about 3 years If classes.dex is loaded the metadata is not shown
  • about 3 years Add fallback when ASMdex fails
  • over 3 years Make res/xml/searchable.xml accessible
  • over 3 years Fix dark theme node issues
  • over 3 years Native look and feel
  • over 3 years Add feature - dump all APK package names into a text file
  • over 3 years Implement full support for Android Binary XML
  • over 3 years Integrate ClassyShark with Proguard mappings.txt file
  • over 3 years exception while click on a file
  • over 3 years Browsing dex files in various folders inside APK