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An educational library of algorithms in Python

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Algorithms is a library of algorithms and data structures implemented in Python.

The main purpose of this library is to be an educational tool. You probably shouldn't use these in production, instead, opting for the optimized versions of these algorithms that can be found else where.

You should totally check out the docs_ for implementation details, complexities and further info.


If you want to use the algorithms in your code it is as simple as:


from algorithms.sorting import bubble_sort

my_list = bubble_sort.sort(my_list)


  • Pseudo code, algorithm complexities and futher info with each algorithm.
  • Test coverage for each algorithm and data structure.
  • Super sweet documentation_.


Installation is as easy as:


$ pip install algorithms


Pytest is used as the main test runner and all Unit Tests can be run with:


$ ./


Contributions are always welcome. Check out the contributing guidelines to get started.

.. _docs: .. _documentation:

algorithms open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • about 4 years Add a changelog
  • about 4 years Create contributing guidelines
algorithms open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Missing tests - Adding two missing tests and re-ordering existing tests.
  • Add Suffix and LCP arrays algorithms
  • fix kmp compute_prefix
  • Using Size() method to check if stack is empty , removed unnecessary class variable declaration
  • Implement ternary search
  • Remove unnecessary Queue class variable
  • Added key item to the description of the inputs
  • fix error for removing not existing node in single linked list
  • Added more Singly Linked List operations
  • change shell sort gap len(seq) // 2
  • Fix spelling errors in documentation
  • Correct spelling error in documentation
  • comment header typo
  • Hashtable
  • Update
  • details
  • Fixing typo on LCS
  • Graphs algorithms
  • Added function peek
  • Add min/max heap data structures
  • double link list
  • added Binary Indexed Tree for range sum queries
  • Added interpolation search algorithm with unit tests
  • KMP algorithm incorrect for overlapping matches
  • change /3 to /3.0
  • remove bfs and dfs from todo list
  • Skip list
  • Add fixed seed to random tests
  • pure master
  • Interval tree
  • Addition of GUI implementetion
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