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a RecyclerView that implements pullrefresh and loadingmore can use it like a standard RecyclerView

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a RecyclerView that implements pullrefresh , loadingmore and header can use it like a standard RecyclerView. you don't need to implement a special adapter .qq 478803619



on real device it is much more smoother.



// 1.5.9 is the main
compile 'com.jcodecraeer:xrecyclerview:1.5.9'

just like a standard RecyclerView

LinearLayoutManager layoutManager = new LinearLayoutManager(getActivity());

pull to refresh and load more

the pull to refresh and load more featrue is enabled by default. we provide a callback to trigger the refresh and LoadMore event.

 mRecyclerView.setLoadingListener(new XRecyclerView.LoadingListener() {
    public void onRefresh() {
       //refresh data here

    public void onLoadMore() {
       // load more data here

new function of 1.5.7 version.

    .getDefaultRefreshHeaderView() // get default refresh header view
    .setRefreshTimeVisible(true);  // make refresh time visible,false means hiding

// if you are not sure that you are 100% going to
// have no data load back from server anymore,do not use this
public void setEmptyView(View emptyView) {

new function of 1.5.6 version,fixed a memory leak problem,use the code below to release XR's memory

// any time,when you finish your activity or fragment,call this below
if(mRecyclerView != null){
    mRecyclerView.destroy(); // this will totally release XR's memory
    mRecyclerView = null;

new function of 1.5.3 version,you can use XR in the sticky scroll model now,like the code below,the demo activity is 'LinearStickyScrollActivity'

final View topView = findViewById(;
final View tabView = findViewById(;
final View content = findViewById(;

final StickyScrollLinearLayout s = findViewById(;
        new View.OnLayoutChangeListener() {
            public void onLayoutChange(View v, int left, int top, int right, int bottom, int oldLeft, int oldTop, int oldRight, int oldBottom) {
                if(s.getContentView() != null)
                //  height  =0
                // add from here just in case they height==0
                        new StickyScrollLinearLayout.StickyScrollInitInterface() {
                            public View setTopView() {
                                return topView;

                            public View setTabView() {
                                return tabView;

                            public View setContentView() {
                                return content;

call notifyItemRemoved or notifyItemInserted, remember to use the functions inside XRecyclerView


and of course you have to tell our RecyclerView when the refreshing or loading more work is done. you can use


to control when the item number of the screen is list.size-2,we call the onLoadMore

mRecyclerView.setLimitNumberToCallLoadMore(2); // default is 1

to notify that the loading more work is done. and


to notify that the refreshing work is done.

here is what we get:


call refresh() manually(I change the previous setRefreshing() method to refresh() )


custom refresh and loading more style

pull refresh and loading more style is highly customizable.

custom loading style

the loading effect we use the AVLoadingIndicatorView . and it is built in(make a little change). we provide all the effect in AVLoadingIndicatorView library besides we add a system style. you can call

mRecyclerView.setRefreshProgressStyle(int style);


mRecyclerView.setLaodingMoreProgressStyle(int style);

to set the RefreshProgressStyle and LaodingMoreProgressStyle respectively.

for example





BallPulse effect


all the effect can be get in the ProgressStyle class

public class ProgressStyle {
    public static final int SysProgress=-1;
    public static final int BallPulse=0;
    public static final int BallGridPulse=1;
    public static final int BallClipRotate=2;
    public static final int BallClipRotatePulse=3;
    public static final int SquareSpin=4;
    public static final int BallClipRotateMultiple=5;
    public static final int BallPulseRise=6;
    public static final int BallRotate=7;
    public static final int CubeTransition=8;
    public static final int BallZigZag=9;
    public static final int BallZigZagDeflect=10;
    public static final int BallTrianglePath=11;
    public static final int BallScale=12;
    public static final int LineScale=13;
    public static final int LineScaleParty=14;
    public static final int BallScaleMultiple=15;
    public static final int BallPulseSync=16;
    public static final int BallBeat=17;
    public static final int LineScalePulseOut=18;
    public static final int LineScalePulseOutRapid=19;
    public static final int BallScaleRipple=20;
    public static final int BallScaleRippleMultiple=21;
    public static final int BallSpinFadeLoader=22;
    public static final int LineSpinFadeLoader=23;
    public static final int TriangleSkewSpin=24;
    public static final int Pacman=25;
    public static final int BallGridBeat=26;
    public static final int SemiCircleSpin=27;

refresh arrow icon

we provide a default arrow icon:


but if you don't like it,you can replace it with any other icon you want. just call



disable refresh and load more featrue

if you don't want the refresh and load more featrue(in that case,you probably dont'n need the lib neither),you can call




in which false means disabled ,true means enabled.


you can add header to XRecyclerViewjust call addHeaderView().

View header =   LayoutInflater.from(this).inflate(R.layout.recyclerview_header, (ViewGroup)findViewById(,false);

if you like ,you can add two header

View header =   LayoutInflater.from(this).inflate(R.layout.recyclerview_header, (ViewGroup)findViewById(,false);
View header1 =   LayoutInflater.from(this).inflate(R.layout.recyclerview_header1, (ViewGroup)findViewById(,false);


Copyright 2015 jianghejie

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
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