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Next generation batch process scheduling and management

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Statistics on Tron

Number of watchers on Github 261
Number of open issues 38
Average time to close an issue 25 days
Main language Python
Average time to merge a PR 6 days
Open pull requests 17+
Closed pull requests 8+
Last commit almost 2 years ago
Repo Created over 9 years ago
Repo Last Updated almost 2 years ago
Size 7.59 MB
Organization / Authoryelp
Page Updated
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Tron - Batch Scheduling System

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Tron is a centralized system for managing periodic batch processes and services across a cluster. If you find cron or fcron to be insufficient for managing complex work flows across multiple computers, Tron might be for you.

Install with:

> sudo pip install tron

Or look at the tutorial.

The full documentation is available on ReadTheDocs.

Versions / Roadmap

Tron is changing and under active development.

It is being transformed from an ssh-based execution engine to a Mesos framework.

Tron development is specifically targeting Yelp's needs and not designed to be a general solution for other companies.

  • <= v0.6.2 - Stable version, recommended for non-Yelp installations.
  • >= v0.7.x - Development version. Many features removed and experimental features added.


Read Working on Tron and start sending pull requests!

Any issues should be posted on Github.

Tron open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • about 4 years Tron assumes USER environment variable is always available, and it isn't.
  • over 4 years Enhancement: "tron restart", but for actions rather than jobs.
  • over 4 years Problem start trond
  • almost 5 years Use the yaml c-loader for moar speed (when available)
  • almost 5 years tron on OS X without Poll Reactor
  • almost 5 years Job Notifications
  • about 5 years Dependent actions do not run if dependency was skipped before the job starts
  • almost 6 years Allow command_context to be extended within the namespace files
  • almost 6 years exit_status stored as exception can't be json serialized
  • about 6 years tronweb hijacks cmd+r (browser refresh)
  • over 6 years Insufficient error logging
  • over 6 years Trond logfile location hardcoded?
  • over 6 years Service monitor triggered from two callbacks
  • over 6 years smtp with tls
  • over 6 years tronfig can fail when editing on the last day of the month
  • almost 7 years Refactor tron node/ssh
  • almost 7 years nodes list
  • almost 7 years tronview add-ons
  • almost 7 years tronweb service view dashboard
  • almost 7 years Migration script for moving namespaces
  • almost 7 years support ec2 tag names for node_pool
  • almost 7 years Add write options to tronweb
  • almost 7 years Gracefully reconfigure service on node change
  • almost 7 years node reconfig should not cause all services to restart
  • almost 7 years State save in different process
  • almost 7 years Support authentication and HTTPS for tron API
  • almost 7 years Node healthchecks
  • almost 7 years Support custom params for tron runs from tronctl
  • over 7 years DST time change causes funky behavior with scheduled execution start
  • over 7 years Evaluate twisted event loop
Tron open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Fix case where a machine crashes and won't restart.
  • Implemented a --hostname argument for tronview
  • Implemented logging in Tronstore
  • Add option to delete namespaces in tronfig
  • Added monitoring dictionary for job configs
  • Added rerun for re-running jobs instead of restart
  • Added prototype check_tron_jobs command
  • first pass at adding pre-commit
  • [WIP] Allow jobs to override the default timezone
  • Document owner/notes/summary. Fixes #99
  • add stuck status for jobs
  • Chl/tron 224 detect jobs not scheduled
  • Upgrade to argparse
  • [WIP] Python3 deb
  • Python3 port
  • Remove tron/utils/collections
  • fix check_tron_job broken due to job misconfigure issue
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