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A postfix, stack-based, functional programming (, probably slow) language

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Main language OCaml
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Latest Releasev0.1
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The Towel Programming Language

Towel is a typed stack-based postfix-syntaxed general-purposed functional language. A Towel compiler weave that compiles source code in Towel to Towel assembly language (Tasm) which runs on the Towel virtual machine written in OCaml. More robust design and implementation will be scheduled. A Tasm to C compiler is also scheduled.


Some work need to be done before you build this project, otherwise though the project still builds, it won't compile or execute any thing:

  • Modify src/compiler/config.ml and alter the directory to your install destination or this directory
  • Do the same for src/vm/config.ml

We threw away the old Make building system and changed to Waf. Run

waf configure build

to build for Towel compiler executable towel for now.

If you want some documentations, e.g. manuals, run

waf configure build --docs

If you want to build native executable instead of the one of OCaml bytecodes, run

waf configure build --native

To build Towel virtual machine, Run

wal configure build --tvm

After building, run compile_std.sh to compile the standard library.

You are all set!

One thing to note, before you run ./waf test, do mkdir -p tests/temp to create a directory for prefect to place compiled test files.

Don't panic!

See weave -h or the manual.


  • Implement some key standard libraries. Priority 4.

  • Implement type checking algorithm! Priority 5.

  • The module system needs to be detailed designed. Priority 2.5. This is done by now. Parts missing: libpath mechanism, and maybe something else.

  • A script that generates std.w and std.e. Module Std generally covers all the assembly instructions that aren't covered in asm. Priority 2. This is also done by now. Parts missing: IDK.

The Future

Of course the TOWEL-C COMPILER like the cool guys!!! (And of course not javascript, it just sucks.)

See also the related part in the report.


This project is licensed under BSD 3-Clause License.

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