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OSS implementation of the TCG TPM2 Software Stack (TSS2)

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Statistics on TPM2.0-TSS

Number of watchers on Github 114
Number of open issues 48
Average time to close an issue 12 days
Main language C
Average time to merge a PR 2 days
Open pull requests 34+
Closed pull requests 100+
Last commit about 2 years ago
Repo Created almost 5 years ago
Repo Last Updated about 2 years ago
Size 16.2 MB
Homepage https://github.co...
Organization / Authortpm2-software
Latest Release1.4.0
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This repository hosts source code implementing the Trusted Computing Group's (TCG) TPM2 Software Stack (TSS). This stack consists of the following layers from top to bottom:

  • Enhanded System API (ESAPI) as described in the TSS 2.0 Enhanced System API (ESAPI) Specification. This API is a 1-to-1 mapping of the TPM2 commands documented in Part 3 of the TPM2 specification. Additionally there are asynchronous versions of each command. In addition to SAPI, the ESAPI performs tracking of meta data for TPM object and automatic calculation of session based authorization and encryption values. Both the synchronous and asynchronous API are exposed through a single library: libesapi.
  • System API (SAPI) as described in the system level API and TPM command transmission interface specification. This API is a 1-to-1 mapping of the TPM2 commands documented in Part 3 of the TPM2 specification. Additionally there are asynchronous versions of each command. These asynchronous variants may be useful for integration into event-driven programming environments. Both the synchronous and asynchronous API are exposed through a single library: libsapi.
  • TPM Command Transmission Interface (TCTI) that is described in the same specification. This API provides a standard interface to transmit / receive TPM command / response buffers. It is expected that any number of libraries implementing the TCTI API will be implemented as a way to abstract various platform specific IPC mechanisms. Currently this repository provides two TCTI implementations: libtcti-device and libtcti-socket. The prior should be used for direct access to the TPM through the Linux kernel driver. The later implements the protocol exposed by the Microsoft software TPM2 simulator.

Build and Installation Instructions:

Instructions to build and install tpm2-tss are available in the INSTALL file.

Getting in Touch:

If you're looking to discuss the source code in this project or get some questions answered you should join the 01org TPM2 mailing list: https://lists.01.org/mailman/listinfo/tpm2. We've also got an IRC channel set up on FreeNode called #tpm2.0-tss.

Test Suite

This repository contains a test suite intended to exercise the TCTI, SAPI and ESAPI code. This test suite is not intended to test a TPM implementation and so this test suite should only be run against a TPM simulator. If this test suite is executed against a TPM other than the software simulator it may cause damage to the TPM (NV storage wear out etc). You have been warned.


The TPM library specification contains reference code sufficient to construct a software TPM 2.0 simulator. This code was provided by Microsoft and they provide a binary download for Windows here. IBM has repackaged this code with a few Makefiles so that the Microsoft code can be built and run on Linux systems. The Linux version of the Microsoft TPM 2.0 simulator can be obtained here. Once you've downloaded and successfully built and execute the simulator it will, by default, be accepting connections on the localhost, port 2321.

Issues building or running the simulator should be reported to the IBM software TPM2 project.

NOTE: The Intel TCG TSS is currently tested against the 974 version of the simulator. Compatibility with later versions has not yet been tested.


To test the various TCTI, SAPI and ESAPI api calls, unit and integraion tests can be run by configuring the build to enable unit testing and running the check build target. It is recommended to use a simulator for testing, and the simulator will be automatically launched by the tests. Please review the dependency list in INSTALL for dependencies when building the test suite.

$ ./configure --enable-unit --with-simulatorbin=$HOME/ibmtpm/src/tpm_server
$ make -j$(nproc) check

This will generate a file called test-suite.log in the root of the build directory.

Please report failures in a Github 'issue' with a full log of the test run.

NOTE: The unit and integration tests can be enabled independently. The --enable-unit option controls uint tests, and --with-simulatorbin controls the integration test.

Architecture/Block Diagram

SAPI library, TAB/RM, and Test Code Block Diagram: Architecture Block Diagram

Project Layout

common : utility functions used by multiple components
doc : various bits of documentation
esapi : system API implementation
esapi : enhanced system API implementation
esapi_util : utility functions used by ESAPI implementation
include : header files unstalled in $(includedir)
esapi : header file for ESAPI library
sapi : header files for TPM2 types and core libraries
tcti : header files for TCTI libraries
lib : data files used by the build or installed into $(libdir)
log : logging functions
m4 : autoconf support macros
man : man pages
marshal : TPM2 type marshalling library implementation
script : scripts used by the build or CI
sysapi : system API implementation
include : headers internal to the SAPI
sysapi : system API implementation
sysapi_util : utility functions used by system API implementation
tcti : TCTI implementation
test : test code
integration : integration test harness and test cases
tpmclient : monolithic, legacy test application
unit : unit tests

TPM2.0-TSS open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 3 years UNSEAL test always fail with error code 0x101
  • over 3 years tpmclient tests don't pass when run against 1.36 simulator
  • over 3 years convert cpp files to c
  • over 3 years Remove windows build instructions
  • over 3 years RSA key generation exponent
  • over 3 years Stable release plan
  • over 3 years TPM2.0 Testing on Ubuntu with Intel's TPM2.0-TSS.
  • almost 4 years simple installer for windows libraries
  • almost 4 years windows TBS TCTI
  • almost 4 years windows libraries
  • almost 4 years const-ification of utility functions
  • almost 4 years tpmtest #29 tried without success.
  • almost 4 years [question] No description or website provided
  • almost 4 years Custom host to network byte order transforms?
  • almost 4 years Unit test to replace SysInitializeTests from tpmclient
  • almost 4 years Example systemd unit for resourcemgr
  • almost 4 years udev rules to deprivilege resourcemgr
  • almost 4 years Install resourcemgr header
  • almost 4 years Unit test for RmZeroSizedResponseTest
  • almost 4 years Replace tpmclient ABI version tests with unit tests
  • almost 4 years factor TCTI test code out of tpmclient
  • almost 4 years Enhance resource mgr to support remote connection
  • almost 4 years misleading indentation warnings
  • almost 4 years Building fails with GCC6 and -Wall -Werror
  • almost 4 years ChangeLog isn't being maintained
  • about 4 years hardening compiler flags
  • about 4 years Compile fails on 32bit systems
  • about 4 years checks for version numbers in the headers don't do anything currently
  • about 4 years Test limits for virtualized capabilities.
  • about 4 years Test needed for stressing connections to RM
TPM2.0-TSS open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Consistent naming of TCTI files and API
  • Add TravisCI and AppVeyor build script
  • Windows TBS driver
  • Debug printf cleanup
  • sockets: Move common socket code to separate module.
  • tcti_socket: Remove simulator flag.
  • build: Add -Werror -Wall to default compiler flags.
  • tpmclient: Initialize a few variables explicitly.
  • issue #91 test_common_code_abstraction
  • Tcti no sapi client
  • Added in use case & functional tests in tpmtest
  • Make data for the libraries queryable through pkg-config.
  • build: use config.site in place of hard coded flags variables.
  • Rename libraries for clarity & readability
  • doc: Move *.md files into doc/ directory.
  • No sapi client
  • tcti_socket: Move simulator initialization code into the context init…
  • Add example systemd service file for resourcemgr and udev rules for t…
  • Remove Windows build files.
  • A set of fix for resourcemgr
  • Remove semicolons from end of TPMA_* macro definitions.
  • Tcti device null deref
  • fix #295
  • Finalize api fix
  • liberror: introduce a TSS2_RC error decoding library
  • Visual Studio 2017 + Clang
  • readme: fix spelling mistake
  • Include local headers
  • [RFC] Add indentprofile
  • Add test environment sanity check to int-log-compiler.sh. Fixes #764
  • Add OpenSSL dependency to INSTALL.md
  • Socket init close cleanup rebase
  • [WIP] travis: use a custom docker container
  • Fix ESAPI includes
TPM2.0-TSS list of languages used
TPM2.0-TSS latest release notes
1.4.0 1.4.0


  • Attached Component commands from the last public review spec. ## Fixed
  • Essential files missing from release tarballs are now included.
  • Version string generation has been moved from configure.ac to the bootstrap script. It is now stored in a file named VERSION that is shipped in the release tarball.
  • We've stopped shipping the built man page for InitSocketTcti.3 and now ship the source.
1.3.0 Version 1.3.0


  • Implementation of the EncryptDecrypt2 command.
  • Coding standard documentation.
  • Support for latest TPM2 simulator v974 (only changes in test harness).
  • Check cmocka version for compatibility with 1.0 API. ## Fixed
  • Drop cast from TPM_ALG_XXX definitions
  • Use mock functions with built-in cast to avoid compiler warnings from manual cast.
  • Free memory correctly on error condition return paths in InitSysContext & SockServer.
1.2.0 Version 1.2.0
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