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A robust & optimized `String.fromCodePoint` polyfill, based on the ECMAScript 6 specification.

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ES6 String.fromCodePoint polyfill Build status Code coverage status

An robust & optimized ES3-compatible polyfill for the String.fromCodePoint method in ECMAScript 6.

Other polyfills for String.fromCodePoint are available:


In a browser:

<script src="fromcodepoint.js"></script>

Via npm:

npm install string.fromcodepoint

Then, in Node.js:


// On Windows and on Mac systems with default settings, case doesnt matter,
// which allows you to do this instead:


A polyfill + test suite for String.prototype.codePointAt is available, too.

The tests for this repository are now used by Mozilla, to help ensure their native String.fromCodePoint implementation is correct.


Mathias Bynens


This polyfill is available under the MIT license.

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