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  • almost 3 years I run the apps.CifarApp,but there were some mistakes.
  • almost 3 years Tensorflow GPU
  • almost 3 years sbt assembly failed in Ubuntu 14.04
  • almost 3 years Current Spark Net cannot build for both CPU and GPU
  • almost 3 years I wonder that does anyone run SparkNet in single node instead of a cluster?
  • about 3 years Unresolved Dependency
  • about 3 years GoogleNet training successful using PSGD method-- will Adam, AdaDelta work?
  • about 3 years Unable to install on macosx
  • about 3 years Can i compile SparkNet without using CUDA ( want to run with CPU)
  • about 3 years how to run on ppc64le platform?
  • about 3 years build issue
  • about 3 years can sparknet support a single GPU of each node on the sparknet cluster?
  • about 3 years Multi GPUs do not run on the sparknet cluster
  • about 3 years error while running CifarApp
  • about 3 years is current ubuntu library GPU cudnn enabled?
  • over 3 years Multi GPU for Caffe
  • over 3 years exception trying to run Mnist example
  • over 3 years Error : Check failed: error == cudaSuccess (30 vs. 0) unknown error
  • over 3 years UnsatisfiedLinkError when running Caffe Test
  • over 3 years Hyperparameters optimizzation
  • over 3 years Provide instructions for setting up SparkNet on custom cluster
  • over 3 years Re-enable Caffe tests
  • over 3 years CaffeOnSpark
  • over 3 years Support saving the Net and Solver state
  • over 3 years In ImageNetApp, leave JPEGs compressed so the full dataset fits in memory more easily
  • over 3 years Machine Learning Provider Abstraction Layer
  • over 3 years More of a question than an issue.. what IDE/env is used by committers to do SparkNet development?
  • over 3 years Number of iterations

SparkNet closed issues

  • about 3 years which branch should I choose to support multi GPUs on spark cluster
  • about 3 years Multi GPUs do not run on the sparknet cluster
  • about 3 years Issue regarding building SparkNet for existing Spark Cluster
  • over 3 years ImageNet running in Yarn, nodeManager memory keep on increasing
  • over 3 years sbt assembly error
  • over 3 years Performance issue due to spark
  • over 3 years Support CentOS 6 Caffe CPUs
  • over 3 years SparkNet for CPU-only clusters
  • over 3 years Error while running CAFFE Cifar-10
  • over 3 years Issue with TFImageNet Example
  • over 3 years Make WeightCollection not a class
  • over 3 years java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no jniopencv_core in java.library.path
  • over 3 years Improve error message for CifarApp if the dataset has not been downloaded
  • over 3 years Limitting SparkNet to only 1 physical CPU core
  • over 3 years would you please have cmake ../libccaffe support USE_CUDNN
  • over 3 years Saving caffemodel and solverstate
  • over 3 years Wrap TensorFlow using JavaCPP
  • over 3 years Clean up tests
  • over 3 years Issue with ImageNet Example
  • over 3 years Switch from RDDs to DataFrames
  • over 3 years Switch to using javacpp-presets
  • over 3 years TODO steps in the Readme for Imagenet example.
  • over 3 years Not able to find AMI - ami-c0dd7db3