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Statistics on SmartHome-Demo

Number of watchers on Github 17
Number of open issues 31
Average time to close an issue 14 days
Main language JavaScript
Average time to merge a PR 6 days
Open pull requests 0+
Closed pull requests 3+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created almost 4 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 66.7 MB
Organization / Authorintel
Latest Release1.1.1-3
Page Updated
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SmartHome-Demo open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • almost 2 years Enhance our Dockerfile to adopt best practices
  • about 2 years Sensor can't be showed on cloud portal with iot-rest-api-server@0.6.0
  • about 2 years Sometimes fail to edit sensor status value on cloud portal
  • about 2 years Sensor can be only showed a time on cloud portal
  • over 2 years Update tutorial to reflect latest codebase (IoTivity 1.2.x)
  • over 2 years New gateway/user does not see any sensor data (without restarting the cloud container)
  • over 2 years Cloud app brings iotivity-constrained based OCF servers down
  • over 2 years Setup Cloud Foundry for cloud scalability
  • over 2 years Multi sensors with iotivity-constrained not stable
  • over 2 years Create test plan to follow when updating the demo or adding new functionalities
  • over 2 years Connect the solar cell power supply to the power meter
  • over 2 years Add some documentation to the rule engine
  • over 2 years Enhance rule engine to handle multiple resources of the same type
  • over 2 years Sporadic error when loading some JS applications requiring iotivity-node
  • over 2 years gas.js: make the threshold a parameter that can more easily be changed
  • over 2 years LED resource type not aligned with the web portal
  • almost 3 years fan.js shall be updated to use the binarySwitch model
  • almost 3 years solar.js: shall be updated to use a vendor-defined namespace
  • almost 3 years buzzer.js: shall move to a vendor-defined namespace
  • almost 3 years led.js shall be updated to use binarySwitch model
  • almost 3 years The environmental sensor should be updated to use standard OCF resource types
  • almost 3 years Avoid using 'oic' namespace in the 'rt' property of non-standard OIC resources
  • almost 3 years Be able to launch multiple resources of the same type
  • almost 3 years Feature request: configuration resource for naming resources of the same type
  • almost 3 years 'di' properties of resources on the same device is not consistent
  • almost 3 years Failed to read DC power meter data via USB FTDI cable when running power-uart.js
  • almost 3 years The ambient_light.js may update lux values in integers
  • about 3 years Uncaught ReferenceError: makeVisible is not defined
  • about 3 years Add to ocf-servers/doc
  • about 3 years power-uart.js: update needed to make it OCF compliant (energyConsumption)
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SmartHome-Demo latest release notes
1.1.1-3 1.1.1-3

This release has been tested against iotivity-node v1.1.1-3.

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