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Java library that leverages Jackson to take the pain out of mapping objects to/from the DB, designed to integrate seamlessly with jDBI

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Statistics on Rosetta

Number of watchers on Github 76
Number of open issues 6
Average time to close an issue 17 days
Main language Java
Average time to merge a PR about 23 hours
Open pull requests 5+
Closed pull requests 2+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created almost 5 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 291 KB
Organization / Authorhubspot
Latest ReleaseRosetta-3.11.8
Page Updated
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Rosetta is a Java library that leverages Jackson to take the pain out of mapping objects to/from the DB, designed to integrate seamlessly with jDBI. Jackson is extremely fast, endlessly configurable, and already used by many Java webapps.

Rosetta isn't an ORM. It doesn't silently read and write to your database, validate input, or manage connections. It does two things:

  1. Binds Java objects to query parameters using a jDBI BindingAnnotation
  2. Maps query results back to Java objects using a jDBI ResultSetMapperFactory


To use with jDBI on Maven-based projects, add the following dependency:

  <version>{latest version}</version>

Latest version can be seen here


You can bind JDBI arguments in your DAO using @BindWithRosetta.

public interface MyDAO {
  @SqlUpdate("UPDATE my_table SET name = :name, type = :type WHERE id = :id")
  void update(@BindWithRosetta MyRow obj);

@BindWithRosetta behaves like jDBI's @BindBean, but it converts the object to a tree using Jackson which lets you use all the Jackson annotations you know and love to customize the representation. It's also generally more robust - it supports the not-quite-standard naming conventions, enums, fluent setters, nested objects (with dot-notation), getters without fields, etc.


To register Rosetta globally for mapping, you can add it to your DBI like so:

dbi.registerMapper(new RosettaMapperFactory());

Or to test it out on a single DAO you would do:

public interface MyDAO { /* ... */ }

Or to use in combination with a Handle: (same idea to register on a Query)

handle.registerMapper(new RosettaMapperFactory());

Advanced Features

For a list of advanced features, see here

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  • about 3 years Rosetta & Joda-Time
  • over 3 years @JsonDeserialize does not function properly with @StoredAsJson
  • about 4 years Allow @StoredAsJson to customize the serialization inclusion setting on the object mapper
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  • intern common generated column name strings
  • Add Support for More Flexible ObjectMapper Configuration
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Rosetta list of languages used
Rosetta latest release notes

Fixed issues where @StoredAsJson did not work with polymorphic data types using @JsonTypeInfo #54 #55

  • Fix NPE described in #50
  • Fix issue where @JsonTypeInfo + @StoredAsJson don't work together when used on a List field (#51) (thanks to @ldriscoll)
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