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Rocket.Chat Native Android Application

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Rated 4.0 out of 5
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Statistics on Rocket.Chat.Android

Number of watchers on Github 329
Number of open issues 175
Average time to close an issue about 2 months
Main language Java
Average time to merge a PR 2 days
Open pull requests 40+
Closed pull requests 13+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created almost 4 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 12 MB
Organization / Authorrocketchat
Latest Releasev1.1.0
Page Updated
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Rocket.Chat Android native application

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Currently, the app is maintained in two branches, namely v1+ and v2+. The v1+ is maintained in the develop branch and the v2+ is maintained in the develop-2.x branch. The older version is written partially in java and kotlin, but we intend to write the latest version completely in kotlin.

Clone the repository by running git clone in your terminal. To build the v1.0+ of the app, run git checkout develop and to build the v2.0+, run git checkout develop-2.x. Since both the versions use kotlin for some or all of their classes, following are the common prerequisites for both versions:

How to build

  • Android Studio 3.0+ comes with built in kotlin support, so install the latest version (3.0+) of Android Studio (recommended). For older versions, you need to manually install kotlin plugin. Go to File > Settings > Plugins and search for kotlin and install it. You'll need to restart the IDE in order to see the changes.
  • Make sure that you have the latest gradle and the android plugin versions installed. Go to File > Project Structure > Project and make sure that you have the latest versions installed. Refer this to see the compatible versions.
  • Kotlin is already configured in the project. To check, go to Tools > Kotlin > Configure Kotlin in project. A message saying kotlin is already configured in the project pops up. You can update kotlin to the latest version by going to Tools > Kotlin > Configure Kotlin updates and download the latest version of kotlin.

Instructions specific to version


  • After checking out to develop branch as mentioned above, simply import the project in Android Studio.


  • This version requires the Kotlin SDK for Rocket.Chat. Clone the Kotlin SDK in the same directory as the android repository by running git clone Make sure that the android repository and the kotlin sdk have the same immediate parent directory.
  • First, a build is required for the SDK. Change your directory to the SDK directory by running cd Rocket.Chat.Kotlin.SDK/ in your terminal. Any of the following approaches can be followed to successfully build the SDK.
    • Command Line - (Within the kotlin SDK directory) Run ./gradlew clean && ./gradlew assemble to successfully build the project.
    • Android Studio - Import the project in Android Studio. Go to Build > Make Project to build the SDK successfully. After following the above methods, follow the following steps in your terminal window: cd .. cd Rocket.Chat.Android/app/libs ls Two jar files will be found in this directory (the common and core jar files), this indicates that the SDK was built correctly.
  • After the SDK has been built successfully, import the project in Android Studio and build it by following Build > Make Project.

How to run

Command Line

  • Connect your physical device to your pc via USB or start an emulator. Run adb devices in terminal. You should see your device in the list of devices.
  • In order to build the debug apk, run ./gradlew assembleDebug. This would generate a debug apk which can be found under Rocket.Chat.Android/app/build/outputs/apk/debug folder with the name app-debug.apk.
  • In order to build and install the apk directly to the connected device, run ./gradlew installDebug.

Android Studio

  • After importing the project in android studio, go to Run > Run app and then select your device, or create a new virtual device by following the wizard.

Bug report & Feature request

Please report via GitHub issue :)

Coding Style

Please follow our coding style when contributing.

Rocket.Chat.Android open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • about 3 years Unable to send message
  • about 3 years Add information for contributers
  • over 3 years File Upload from AndroidLily
  • over 3 years Implement uploading files to S3
  • over 3 years whenever i try to connect it gives websocket: failed to connect.
  • over 3 years Replace SQLite to Realm
  • almost 4 years Support simple upload of voice notes and/or short movies
  • almost 4 years Support handwriting input
Rocket.Chat.Android open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Changed the lifrcycle events used for the sidebar subscriptions
  • Fix notification and round avatar
  • Fixes possible race condition
  • [NEW] Markdown support
  • [NEW] Password Update Feature - Issue #755
  • [WIP][RFC] Remove SVG support
  • Render video preview on video upload.
  • Avatar update using URL
  • Fix Build instruction for develop-2.x branch
  • [WIP] Allow the user to update avatar from profile view
  • [FIX] refactor: Update
  • [NEW] Add 'unread messages' marker
  • [NEW] Emoji keyboard
  • [NEW] CAS login support.
  • Fixes Bug#791 : Chat list scrolls down when a new message arrives in a channel
  • [NEW] Member and Room autocompletion
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Optimize user experience
  • [NEW] Add day marker in chatroom
  • [BUG] Orientation Change on ProfileFragment Fix
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Use glide, remove fresco and SVG
  • [NEW] feat: Add Swipe to refresh in ChatRooms
  • [IMPROVEMENT] networkSecurityConfig for API 24+ to allow user imported root CAs as trust anchors
  • [HOTFIX] Small pack of fixes
  • Feature/save unfinished message
  • [NEW] User status indicator in member info bottomsheet in a chat room
  • Show version name under settings
  • [WIP] Initial multi server support...
  • Search width set to max
  • show empty msg in recent emoji picker
  • [NEW] Display a view in a chat room in case it has no chats
  • [NEW] No pinned message shown on empty pin List
  • [NEW] Added Chat Room Information
  • chrome custom tabs support
  • [WIP][NEW] Nav. drawer header
  • [NEW] Unpin message from PinnedMessageActivity
  • [WIP] Add functionality to allow user to create new chat rooms
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Scroll to message when keyboard opened
  • [NEW] feat: Add sorting option for chatrooms
  • [FIX] Add landscape layout for profile fragment
  • [NEW][RFC] Support receiving shared content (audio/video/text)
Rocket.Chat.Android list of languages used
Rocket.Chat.Android latest release notes
v2.0.0-alpha1 Version: 2.0.0-alpha1

Release notes

Hello all,

We just released the first alpha of our brand new Android app. It includes a major redesign and many of the features you were expecting. Since this is our first alpha, you may expect to see some bugs and some weird behaviours, but I can assure you were doing our best to have a super solid, reliable and fast Android app for you. Here are some of the major features:

- New chat list, showing the last message;
- Emoji keyboard;
- Reactions;
- Super fast and reliable connection, not requiring you to have a stablished WebSocket connection in order to receive updates, send messages, etc;
- Unread marker on the list of messages;
- Date separator marker on the list of messages;
- Authentication with LDAP, CAS, E-mail and Username (were working hard to have all the OAuth methods and SAML in the next release);
- 2FA support;
- Edit profile;
- Update password;

## Screenshots

## Contributors

So far, we had lots of issues opened and being closed during the development, many of you from the community are helping us and heres the list of everybody that merged some code into this alpha version (THANK YOU ALL!!!):

- @filipedelimabrito
- @leonardoaramaki
- @luciofm
- @aniketsingh03
- @Shailesh351
- @samrmur
- @SyamSundarKirubakaran
- @TheGamer007

If youre willing to give it a try, please sign to our Alpha program in Google Play by going to our Google Play page at the bottom of the screen youll see an announcement.

To download the app from Google Play, you can come here:

If you want to directly download the app, you can download it from our releases page:

For more information, please see here:

Pull requests merged

You can see the full list of pull requests being merged to our app version 2.0.0 here.


  • @filipedelimabrito
  • @leonardoaramaki
  • @luciofm
  • @aniketsingh03
  • @Shailesh351
  • @samrmur
  • @SyamSundarKirubakaran
  • @TheGamer007
v1.1.0 Version: 1.1.0

Release notes

- Fixed issues related to 0.60 version of the server;
- Included support to Russian language;
- Major fixes related to connection;
- Major stability improvements in the app;
- Many bug fixes;

Pull requests merged

  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Adds password visibility toggle feature to login screen password field (#651)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Changed 'hostname' to 'Server' (#619)
  • [x] [i18n] Add resources for Russian language (#629)
  • [x] [FIX] Dismiss server url view on entering correct url (#637)
  • [x] [FIX] Pack of fixes (#635)
  • [x] [FIX] Image not loading when changing rooms (#616)
  • [x] [FIX] Logout and login with the same user (#596)
  • [x] [FIX] Infinite status ticker (#586)


  • @leonardoaramaki
  • @aniketsingh03
  • @Sveer
  • @HammyHavoc
v1.0.31 Version: 1.0.31

Release notes

- Fixed connection timeout crash;
- Fixed push notification not working for some clients;
- Fixed issues on 2FA;
- Fixed issue on notifications not loading new messages;
- Fixed some crashes;
- Fixed some issues on multi server feature;

Pull requests merged

  • [x] [NEW] New rewritten push notification handler (#541)
  • [x] [NEW] Moved all references of the demo server to open (#559)
  • [x] [FIX] connect timeout crash (#584)
  • [x] [FIX] forced schema update without migration crash (#583)
  • [x] [FIX] servers logging out on app update (#581)
  • [x] [FIX] most common crashes on Beta versions (#575)required
  • [x] [FIX] broken notifications (#571)
  • [x] [FIX] crash deserializing message json (#562)
  • [x] [BUG] Fix sync state when sending new messages after reconnection (#556)[FIX] Fix 2FA login stuck problem (#553)
  • [x] [NEW] Bump Android gradle plugin version and others (#551)
  • [x] [NEW] Keep only one connection per server (#549)
  • [x] [FIX] Missing name field in Realm database (#526)


  • @leonardoaramaki
  • @estevanfick
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