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An R client for Selenium Remote WebDriver

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R Bindings for Selenium 2.0 Remote WebDriver

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Selenium test status

Selenium Test Status

This is a set of R Bindings for Selenium 2.0 Remote WebDriver, which you can download from http://selenium-release.storage.googleapis.com/index.html .This binding will not work with the 1.0 version of Selenium.


To install RSelenium from CRAN run install.packages('RSelenium'). If you require the development version you will need the devtools package. If necessary (install.packages(devtools)) and run:


To get started using RSelenium you can look at the introduction vignette located in /doc/RSelenium-basics.html once RSelenium is installed or run


or the basic vignette can be viewed on Rpubs.

There is a second vignette dealing with running RSelenium on different browsers/OS locally and remotely which can be viewed at RSelenium: Driving OS/Browsers local and remote. Finally you can read all about running a headless browser or running a normal browser on a headless server RSelenium: Headless browsing..

Summary of vignettes

  1. RSelenium: Basics
  2. RSelenium: Driving OS/Browsers local and remote
  3. RSelenium: Testing Shiny Apps
  4. Orange County R Users Group (OC-RUG): RSelenium Webinar
  5. RSelenium: Headless browsing.
  6. RSelenium: Docker Containers

Test Shiny Apps

Use RSelenium to test your Shiny Apps.

Read the introductory tutorial on Rpubs.

Use Sauce Labs and BrowserStack

Sauce Labs

user <- "rselenium0"
pass <- "*******************************"
port <- 80
ip <- paste0(user, ':', pass, "@ondemand.saucelabs.com")
browser <- "firefox"
version <- "25"
platform <- "OS X 10.9"
extraCapabilities <- list(name = "Test RSelenium", username = user, accessKey = pass)

remDr <- remoteDriver$new(remoteServerAddr = ip, port = port, browserName = browser
                          , version = version, platform = platform
                          , extraCapabilities = extraCapabilities)


user <- "johnharrison" 
pass <- "*******************"
port <- 80
ip <- paste0(user, ':', pass, "@hub.browserstack.com")
extraCapabilities <- list("browser" = "IE",
                          "browser_version" = "7.0",
                          "os" = "Windows",
                          "os_version" = "XP",
                          "browserstack.debug" = "true")
remDr <- remoteDriver$new(remoteServerAddr = ip, port = port
                          , extraCapabilities = extraCapabilities)


  • seleniumPipes seleniumPipes is a lightweight implementation of the w3c webdriver specification. It has been built utilising xml2, httr and magrittr so provides an alternative for users who are familiar with piping.

  • webdriver A client for the 'WebDriver' 'API'. It allows driving a (probably headless) web browser, and can be used to test web applications, including 'Shiny' apps. In theory it works with any 'WebDriver' implementation, but it was only tested with 'PhantomJS'.

  • rwebdriver R bindings to the Webdriver API

  • rdom Render and parse the DOM from R via phantomjs.


The RSelenium package is licensed under the AGPLv3. The help files are licensed under the creative commons attribution, non-commercial, share-alike license CC-NC-SA.

As a summary, the AGPLv3 license requires, attribution, include copyright and license in copies of the software, state changes if you modify the code, and disclose all source code. Details are in the COPYING file.

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RSelenium open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • check stderr and stop if Exception
  • Update basics vignette to update out-of-date URL
  • use message() instead of print()
  • copy edit
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RSelenium list of languages used
RSelenium latest release notes
v1.7.1 version 1.7.1 - Ninth release to CRAN

RSelenium 1.7.1

  • Fixed issue where rsDriver was not passing additional arguments via ...
  • Fixed issue with rsDriver and Win/Firefox
  • serverURL field in remoteDriver class is now set in initialize method
v1.7.0 version 1.7.0 - Eigth release to CRAN

RSelenium 1.7.0

  • Basic vignette update with appendix on using rsDriver
  • Print method added for environment returned by rsDriver
  • Default PhantomJS version switched to 2.1.1 (2.5.0-beta has old version of ghostdriver)

RSelenium 1.6.6

  • phantom is marked as deprecated. To drive PhantomJS via selenium use the rsDriver function. To drive directly use wdman::phantomjs

RSelenium 1.6.5

  • checkForServer and startServer are now defunct. rsDriver is marked as a dual replacement. Docker is recommended to run a selenium server/browser.

RSelenium 1.6.4

  • Add a rsDriver function to return a Selenium/webdriver server and a browser client.

RSelenium 1.6.3

  • Return a selected value with the selectTag method.
v1.6.2 version 1.6.2 - Seventh release to CRAN

RSelenium 1.6.1

  • Added a selectTag method to the webElement class see #108.
  • RSelenium Basics vignette was updated/revised.

RSelenium 1.6.0

  • Moved http package from RCurl to httr see #106.
  • Removed dependence on rjson. httr incorporates jsonlite.
  • Import base64_decode from openssl.
  • Fixed issue with attributes.Selenium not firing error see #109

RSelenium 1.5.1

  • Added a path argument to the remoteDriver class.

RSelenium 1.4.9

  • Fix .DollarNames to correct issues running under recent RStudio version.
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