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Arduino driver for nRF24L01

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Statistics on RF24

Number of watchers on Github 740
Number of open issues 78
Average time to close an issue about 7 hours
Main language Processing
Average time to merge a PR 5 months
Open pull requests 17+
Closed pull requests 4+
Last commit over 5 years ago
Repo Created about 8 years ago
Repo Last Updated about 1 year ago
Size 2.26 MB
Homepage http://maniacbug....
Organization / Authormaniacbug
Page Updated
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cheap and a lot of docs

Arduino driver for nRF24L01 2.4GHz Wireless Transceiver

Design Goals: This library is designed to be...

  • Maximally compliant with the intended operation of the chip
  • Easy for beginners to use
  • Consumed with a public interface that's similiar to other Arduino standard libraries
  • Built against the standard SPI library.

Please refer to:

This chip uses the SPI bus, plus two chip control pins. Remember that pin 10 must still remain an output, or the SPI hardware will go into 'slave' mode.

RF24 open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 2 years isPVariant returning false for a actual P variant chip.
  • over 2 years How to set UUID of nrf24l01
  • over 2 years radio.setPALevel((RF24_PA_LOW)) not working.
  • almost 3 years trying to work with RF24 and nodemcu having problem sending
  • about 3 years Can amount of available data be known?
  • about 3 years nrf24l01 library issue
  • about 3 years Problems to run example Scanner dont find WProgram.h
  • about 3 years nrf24 between BananaPi and Arduino
  • over 3 years Problem with delay after write()
  • over 3 years Setup always returns false
  • almost 4 years ask
  • almost 4 years SETUP_AW reset
  • almost 4 years ACK fails one direction.
  • almost 4 years RPi 2: can't send spi message: Invalid argument
  • over 4 years Solution to problems with RF24 not working reliably.
  • over 4 years NEW - Updated/Actively Maintained RF24 Library Fork
  • over 4 years I need a working module
  • over 4 years please tag stable versions of library
  • over 4 years Failed to send packets.
  • over 4 years GettingStarted example should be revised
  • over 4 years rssi question
  • over 4 years Not initializing correctly with DigiX board.
  • over 4 years Printf and printDetail issue?
  • over 4 years Problem to implement with nRF24L01
  • almost 5 years Last characters received of last receive repeated n times in the following message
  • almost 5 years Wrong value of ARD in SETUP_RETR
  • about 5 years RF24 library and a PROGMEM macro
  • about 5 years Cannot establish Communication
  • about 5 years No downloads listed
RF24 open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • added link at top to most actively-developed fork today
  • GettingStarted example fixed
  • Making code consistent with newest Arduino API
  • Made RF24::available() report whether there are bytes available to be read
  • Compatibility with Teensy 3.x
  • Msp430
  • Minimal change to support PJRC Teensy 3.x
  • remove autoswitch to Power down mode after write()
  • wrong PALevel
  • wrong PALevel
  • enable SoftSPI for RF24 when using ethernet cards
  • add method to change hardware address size
  • Correct power-on delay
  • Remove powerDown() from write command.
  • Return pipe number after executing whatHappened()
  • Bugs fixes and enhancements
  • Update documentation
RF24 questions on Stackoverflow (View All Questions)
  • arduino, RF24, NRF24l01 automatic radio number assignation (address number)
  • Creating Unmanaged DLL files from native c++ code (RF24)
  • RPi using RF24 library tmrh20 failing make examples_RPi for ./gettingstarted
  • How to use RF24 to talk to nRF24L01+ on regular PC (Linux) over USB?
  • RF24 and Arduino Micro experience packet loss
  • Arduino RF24 library Delay after write function causes no byte availability
RF24 list of languages used
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