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My Python Examples

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My Python Examples.

Here is some more detailed information about the scripts I have written. I do not consider myself a programmer; I create these little programs as experiments to have a play with the language, or to solve a problem for myself. I would gladly accept pointers from others to improve the code and make it more efficient, or simplify the code. If you would like to make any comments then please feel free to email me at

In the scripts the comments etc are lined up correctly when they are viewed in Notepad++. This is what I use to code Python scripts.

  • - This will batch rename a group of files in a given directory, once you pass the current and new extensions.

  • - Checks to see if a directory exists in the users home directory, if not then create it.

  • Fast Youtube Downloader - Downloads youtube videos fastly with parallel threads using aria2c

  • Google Image Downloader - Query the specific term and retrieve the images from google image database.

  • - Tests to see if the directory testdir exists, if not it will create the directory for you.

  • - This script will check to see if all of the environment variables I require are set.

  • - Show file information for a given file.

  • - This will scan the current directory and all subdirectories and display the size.

  • - This script will search for all *.log files in the given directory, zip them using the program you specify and then date stamp them.

  • - This will move all the files from the source directory that are over 240 days old to the destination directory.

  • - This very simple script opens the file server_list.txt and then does an nslookup for each one to check the DNS entry.

  • - Displays some information about the OS on which you are running this script.

  • - This script depending on the arguments supplied, will ping the servers associated with that application group.

  • - After supplying the first 3 octets it will scan the final range for available addresses.

  • - This goes through the server list and pings the machine, if it's up it will load the putty session, if it's not it will notify you.

  • - This zips up all the logs in the given directory.

  • - This scans my scripts directory and gives a count of the different types of scripts.

  • - This will list all the files in the given directory, it will also go through all the subdirectories as well.

  • - This very simple script opens a file and prints out 100 lines of whatever is the set for the line variable.

  • - This script allows you to tweet text or a picture from the terminal.

  • contains a method called ListAvailablePorts which returns a list with the names of the serial ports that are in use in our computer, this method works only on Linux and Windows (can be extended for mac osx). If no port is found, an empty list is returned.

  • - This is very simple python script to get more views for your youtube videos. Sometimes I use it for repeating my favorite songs by this script.

  • And - This Script is used for 1.counting character script 2.count how much characters are present on any text based file.

  • - Downloads the latest XKCD comic and places them in a new folder comics.

  • - A great alternative to Pythons 'timeit' module and easier to use.

  • - Uses Python's eval() function to implement a calculator.

  • - Uses BeautifulSoup to provide Latest News Headline along with news link.

  • cricket_live_score - Uses BeautifulSoup to provide live cricket score.

  • - Takes input a song name and fetches the youtube url of best matching song and plays it.

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  • V1
  • fix 1 bug
  • A simple script to invoke webcam on your pc
  • Added Exception Handling and User Inputs
  • indent expected in
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  • update new script
  • Fix whitespace
  • Update osinfo,py
  • added integer variable
  • Update to
  • Create for the original Count Million Characters
  • updated comment for this application
  • Update count
  • Fix readme
  • fix indentetion mistake
  • Added title to file
  • fix pep8 error
  • Disculpa, estamos probando
  • Multiple file support and print Statement
  • tiny visual update
  • tiny visual update
  • Visual Update
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  • Update
  • Update
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  • Fixed lack of output
  • Using Python3 Syntax
  • Added PEP 8 formatting and some minor fixes
  • A dice rolling simulation script
  • Refactor code to uphold DRY principle.
  • Refactor hard-coded values to allow flexibility.
  • Let's run some tests!
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  • Create
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  • Added a comment
  • removed headers from
  • Small Updates
  • Change the range of user input.
  • How to use FTP in python & PORT SCANNER IN PYTHON
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