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A library for runtime checking of protocols

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This is a simple library to allow for checking of GO-style interfaces in PHP.

Basically, it checks if an object would implement an interface (meaning all methods and signatures match) without having to actually implement it.


class Foo {
    public function bar($a) {}

interface Bar {
interface Bar2 {
    public function bar();
interface Bar3 {
    public function bar($a);
interface Bar4 {
    public function bar($b);
interface Bar5 {
    public function bar(a $a);

When using our helper, checks would look like this:

use ProtocolLib\ProtocolHelper;

$foo = new Foo;

var_dump(ProtocolHelper::doesImplement($foo, 'Bar'));
// True - Empty interfaces *always* are implemented

var_dump(ProtocolHelper::doesImplement($foo, 'Bar2'));
// False - Different Number Of Parameters

var_dump(ProtocolHelper::doesImplement($foo, 'Bar3'));
// True

var_dump(ProtocolHelper::doesImplement($foo, 'Bar4'));
// True - Parameter name doesn't matter

var_dump(ProtocolHelper::doesImplement($foo, 'Bar5'));
// False - Typehint is different

var_dump(ProtocolHelper::doesImplement($foo, 'Foo'));
// LogicException Invalid Interface - Because "Foo" is not an interface

It's as simple as that!

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