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Public Nitra repository

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Statistics on Nitra

Number of watchers on Github 522
Number of open issues 29
Average time to close an issue 2 months
Main language Nemerle
Average time to merge a PR 6 days
Open pull requests 0+
Closed pull requests 8+
Last commit over 2 years ago
Repo Created over 5 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 145 MB
Organization / Authorjetbrains
Page Updated
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Nitra is a language workbench. You can use Nitra for the creation or extension of a general-purpose programming language or a domain-specific language (DSL). At present Nitra allows you to create dynamically expanding parsers. In the future, Nitra will allow to create full support for programming languages: compilers, IDE support.

License BSD 3-Clause License

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Install instructions to setup environment.

Build building Nitra project from sources.

Example string calculator example


Languages powered by Nitra

More information

Autogenerated Visual Studio plug-in for Nitra powered language (extencible C#): VS Plagin

Nitra open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • almost 4 years Nitra plugin for Visual Studio doesn't work with VS2015
  • almost 4 years What is the Purpose of 2 Repos
  • almost 4 years Move Wiki from Confluence to Github
  • almost 4 years F* for Language Verification
  • about 4 years Build instructions is incomplete and not fully described
  • about 4 years Nitra failed to run, because ncc compiler not found
  • over 4 years Broken link - attribute grammar
  • over 4 years XPath / XQuery / XSLT like Tree Query and Trasfomation Language
  • over 4 years Can I use Nitra for intellisense tasks that resemble a user typing a query-style sentence?
  • over 4 years Rewriting / Reduction Systems based AST transformation
  • over 4 years Visual Studio 2013 Extension - v0.1.1433.0
  • almost 5 years AST / TST as Library Distribution Format
  • almost 5 years Macro Support for Nitra Definitions
  • almost 5 years C# Light
  • almost 5 years Definition of Nitra using Nitra
  • almost 5 years [Meta] Dear Nitra team, please learn to use Git properly and write proper commit messages
  • almost 5 years SpanClass finetuning
  • almost 5 years Dynamic Scope & 1st Class Scope and Scope Environments
  • almost 5 years Pretty Printing = Apply a Template or / and Transformation
  • about 5 years AST Interpreter for .Net and LLVM
  • about 5 years Control over Error Messages
  • about 5 years Multi-stage programming Support
  • about 5 years Portability, Threading, Memory Access Schematics & GC
  • about 5 years VM Generators | Custom VMs for Implimented VM Based Languages
  • about 5 years Type system to model Substructural Type System / Dependent Types / etc.
  • about 5 years Leaking .Net Types in Grammar Definitions
  • about 5 years Syntax / Language Documentation
  • about 5 years Does Nitra currently support PCL? Will it in future?
Nitra list of languages used
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