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SFTP Remote Editing for Sublime Text 2

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Sublime Text plugin to browse and edit files over sftp/ssh2

  • Uses the power of the quick panel completions to browse around files
  • Automatically hooks into file saves and uploads after saving
  • Optionally, continues to spider the file tree populating the quick panel list


  1. Download this package and save and extract to your packages folder.

  2. Download and install PuTTY, preferably the whole package.

  • (PuTTYgen is needed to create keys)

  • (PuTTY is needed to save sessions, (host,username,key information)

  • (Pageant to manage those sessions)

  • http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html

  1. Make psftp accessible to the plugin
  • Copy psftp.exe to Mote\


Add Servers

edit the Mote\serves.json file

connection_string connection string that's going to be passed to psftp See http://the.earth.li/~sgtatham/putty/0.61/htmldoc/Chapter6.html#psftp-pubkey

idle_recursive whether or not Mote should spider your sftp in the background

default_path default path to cd into

password password for sftp. Use this option if your PuTTY session name or password contains a space

private_key path to private key. Remember to escape the \ into \\

NOTE: if you wish to place your password here, it cannot contain a '!' Due to limitations of psftp See http://the.earth.li/~sgtatham/putty/0.61/htmldoc/Chapter6.html#psftp-cmd-pling


Make sure you have a valid json object here. http://jsonlint.com/

        "connection_string": "saved_putty_session_name",
        "idle_recursive": true
        "connection_string": "USERNAME@HOSTNAME_OR_IP",
        "idle_recursive": false,
        "default_path": "iniital/path/to/open/to"
        "connection_string": "USERNAME@HOSTNAME_OR_IP",
        "idle_recursive": false,
        "default_path": "iniital/path/to/open/to"

Then Invoke Mote

Run through the command palette


Or, Add to your keybinds

{ "keys": ["ctrl+m"], "command": "mote" }



Then browse around and edit

  • Browse around. The file list populates as you delve deeper into the file tree.
  • Click on a file to download to a temp folder and open it
  • Any saves on that file will automatically upload it.
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